Problems with Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most relaxing, healthy experiences both you and your baby can enjoy. Not only is it good for the baby, its also good for you. Breast feeding usually comes natural to both mother and baby, however, you must look after your breasts to ensure that they remain healthy enough […]

How to Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Do you have bad breath? Since this malady affects each and everyone at some point, the odds are good that you do. Getting rid of bad breath does not have to be impossible, but it demands a conscious effort and multi faceted approach. Make a dentist appointment. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in your […]

More Posture Tips To Avoid Back Pain

Keeping good posture can be the key to avoiding the common problem known as back pain. Back pain affects a large number of people, and more often than not, the cause is a muscle strain. By keeping in proper posture, you are lessening the stress that your back muscles and ligaments are subject to, and […]

Regular Checkup For Keeping Away Arthritis

Arthritis symptoms are the aching and the creaking of the bones. Perhaps it is thought to be an old person’s disease. On the contrary, it is truly a condition that affects all the ages. Right from the toddlers to the teenagers and the old men can get affected with the arthritis. It often helps to […]

Natural Remedies For Sunburn

With the arrival of summer comes an increase in outdoor activities. Whether it is trips to your local pool or beach, doing work around the yard, or those afternoon cookouts at the park, you are sure to become exposed to the sun. Unfortunately, with all this time outdoors many people receive sunburns. Caused by over […]

Acupressure Points Massage

Although massage is the oldest healthcare practices all over the world, it was found in ancient Chinese medical texts as well as in the writings of hypocrites. Physicians have practiced acupressure point massage for nearly 100 years. Massage therapy has flourished and it is now one of the most popular complementary and alternative medical modalities. […]

Repairing Damaged Skin with Aromatherapy

Today many people are aware of the damaging effects of the sun, and take precaution against it. However, there are many people who are bearing the effects of years of sun worship in their skin. Some of the symptoms of sun-damaged skin include premature wrinkles, brown spots, and lines. The most dangerous effect from too […]

Who Invented Aerobics

This world renowned state of exercise has become the most advanced form of workout for the health freaks. But what is in store during this program? And what benefits do you get, which can be termed as different from the mediocre ones? Aerobics basically is an arrangement of physical condition premeditated to augment circulatory and […]

Helping Teenagers Cope with Diabetes

If your teenager has just been diagnosed with diabetes, it takes the medical team, family members, and even professional counselors to help them cope. At this important stage of their life, they are already struggling with independence, breaking away from parents, hormonal changes, and emerging sexuality. A diagnosis of diabetes can tear away the fragile […]

Problematic Foods and Beverages during Breastfeeding

Many mothers have concerns about their diets while they are breastfeeding. These are valid concerns. While you do not have to be as careful about any diet while you are breastfeeding as you did while you were pregnant, it is still important to watch what you eat. In fact, scientific studies have demonstrated that there […]

How Our Life Contributes to Bad Breath

Have you noticed how busy our lives are today and how the hurry up lifestyle has contributed to many of our stresses and health-related problems? Have you ever considered that perhaps our lifestyle is perhaps at fault for bad breath when it happens? Think about how often you brush your teeth? Did you brush before […]

More Back Pain Misconceptions

Let’s continue to dispel the misconceptions that people deal with to do with backache and back pain. There certainly are a lot of them. People tend to listen to the words of wisdom from the local know it all more than they do to the facts given to them by experts. There are so many […]

Diet During Treatment Of Candidasis

Candida is a present in everyone’s body. It is present in minor quantities in the oral cavity, digestive tracts, and intestinal tracts. However in some cases the Candida can become infected. This leads to a growth of yeast in the affected areas. This condition is known as Candidasis. This can in some cases be a […]

Proper Diet To Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic disease that causes severe pain in joints and muscles. It results in stiffness in the joints and other common factors are like swelling in the joints, difficulty in the movement of the joints especially during morning atleast for one hour, constant or recurring pain in the joints, redness in the joint […]

Correcting Your Posture Your Chiropractor Can Help!

Nothing causes as much consternation as being told that many of your health problems may be aggravated by your posture, while at the same time some ailments might be adversely affecting your posture. While it may appear that you are caught up in a vicious cycle, your chiropractor knows a way out of this apparent […]

The Asthma Friendly School

Your child will spend approximately 35 hours a week in school. For the parent of a child with asthma, those 35 hours can be filled with anxiety. What happens if your child has an acute asthma attack at school? Is his school doing everything it can to make it a safe place for him to […]

Getting Rid of Cellulite for Good Too Good to Be True?

More than 90% of women worldwide have cellulite at some point in their lives. This means that if you think you are the only one suffering with this unsightly problem, you aren’t. That is the good news. The bad news is that experts don’t think there is a way to get rid of cellulite for […]

Colon Health the Natural Way

There is much talk about colon cleansing. Some insist that colon cleansing is a must to detoxify the body. Others say that cleansing the colon can be harmful to the body and that the body naturally cleanses itself. It is a fact that Americans seem to have turned to eating more processed foods and less […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Remedy

Carpal tunnel is mainly the unusually swelling of nerves present in the carpal tunnel. This may be due to excessive pressure exerted on those nerves. This syndrome is in huge number amongst female population. Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Person affected by this syndrome shows symptoms such as weakness, numbness and swelling of the hand […]

Advancements In Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a type of procedure that has its roots in China from thousands of years ago. It is a type of treatment that has not changed much since its inception, and many people still rely on it for the types of comfort it offers for a vast range of symptoms. As of late, however, […]

Natural Burn Treatments

Fire has been a part of human life for centuries, and with the use of fire comes the risk of burns. Burns are not to be taken lightly, hence why the lesson that something is “hot” is one of the first lessons that toddlers are taught as they start to explore their world. A serious […]

Periods and Breastfeeding

Nature can protect you from becoming pregnant when you are breastfeeding, although using this as a method of birth control is not advised. This is due to an inborn mechanism that protects breastfeeding mothers from becoming pregnant before their baby is old enough to fully survive. Your hormones are stimulated by breastfeeding and milk production. […]

Home Remedies for Bad Breath You Can Use At the Office

Just as you are heading back in from lunch you are informed that you have a meeting in exactly 20 minutes. Present will be the company bigwigs, and since you are on the fast track for promotion, you want to make the best impression possible. Impeccably dressed, and facts in hand you pass by the […]

Misconceptions About Back Pain

When you have back pain everyone becomes an expert. All your friends, family and co-workers will tell you, usually without being asked, what you should do about your back pain. They’ll explain, often at great length, why the pain is there, the causes and the cures. And just as often they are wrong. Back pain […]


Types Cartilage is made up of protein and acts as a cushion, in between the bones at the joints. Degeneration and loss of cartilage at the joints is called “Osteoarthritis” or “Degenerative arthritis.” It happens at the hands, feet, spine, hips and knees. If the cause is unknown, it is called “Primary arthritis”. It can […]

Know Your Chemical Burns

There are two primary groups of chemical burns: acid and alkali. When assessing a chemical burn it is important to know both the causing agent (acid or alkali) and the concentration of the solution. It is important to know if an acid or an alkali caused the burn because they cause injury by different mechanisms. […]

Acupressure Points For Pregnancy

There are various uses of the acupressure when they are applied on the pressure points, which help the living beings a lot. These can also be useful in very critical cases like at the time of pregnancy. You need to understand the feedback of such usefulness. The intention behind this is to provide them a […]

Aromatherapy Hair Care

In today’s society, beautiful healthy hair is a sign of good health. Many people however are letting their long locks suffer from harsh chemicals in their shampoos and conditioners, and over process their hair with permanents, dyes, bleaches, and straighteners. On top of all of the chemicals that our hair has to deal with, many […]

Relieving Sore Muscles with Aromatherapy

If you have ever experienced a stiff neck or pulled your back muscles, then you know first hand how painful sore muscles can be. Weight trainers, exercise enthusiasts and those who have jobs that require physical labor all experience sore muscles at one time or another. Many people don’t stop to think of the effects […]

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics came into picture only when the initial craziness of Aerobic exercises fizzed out. It was found that after the augment of Aerobics, some of the female population was not satisfied with the results or the regime, which had to be followed. And that is why; Water Aerobics was taken into picture. Now you […]

Getting Through The Holidays With Diabetes

The holidays could be a bleak and dismal time for those who suffer from diabetes. If you have a family that gathers at holidays and everyone cooks and bakes, you might find it hard to keep your blood sugar levels even. During the holidays, your eating habits change; there is more temptation, more activities, and […]

Mommy’s Nutritional Needs While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may provide your baby with the best possible start in life. However, it can be a real drain on your body. As a result, you may have some special nutritional needs during the duration of breastfeeding. One of the major concerns of moms after delivery is weight loss. Scientific studies have shown that breastfeeding […]

H is for Halitosis

Bad breath is a bad problem. Almost everyone suffers from bad breath, also called halitosis every now and then. Some people even have it chronically. That is why there are so many products on the market to counteract stinky breath. What is halitosis and how can you get rid of it? Here is a closer […]

Massage Can Relieve Back Pain

Among some of the older medicinal practices is massage. Way before the Western cultures realized its benefits the ancient Greeks and Chinese had discovered its value. The Indians knew before the Westerners that the art of massage was worthy of a place in the medicinal practices of its people. So many different sicknesses could be […]

Candida Diet Guidelines

The best doctors in the world recommend the candida diet. These doctors generally recommend the grapefruit seed extract therapy. For the effectiveness the candida diet should include the foods in the correct proportions. Any candida diet should strive to eliminate consumption of processed refined sugars and bleached flour and meats treated with synthetic hormones or […]

Nutritional Supplements Cure Arthritis

Arthritis is health disorder associated with joints in the bones of the body. Arthritis normally causes pains and inflammation in the joints. Further, the disorder also damages the bones and the joints. Though several medicines are available for curing arthritis, they are not a long-term cure. For long term cure a holistic approach is must. […]

Common Sense Chiropractic Tips for Everyday Living

If getting out of bed is a painful routine for you, then you know that your body is protesting about something that has happened. Perhaps your legs ache, your back hurts, your neck feels stiff on one side, and within minutes of waking you feel a dull headache coming on. Do you know that these […]

Symptoms Of Asthma In Kids

Each year, nearly half a million kids end up in the emergency room because of asthma. Of those, about 300,000 children are hospitalized for one or more days because of their asthma symptoms. Asthma accounts for more childhood hospitalizations and emergency room visits than any other chronic childhood illness. It also accounts for more school […]

Finding the Right Cellulite Cream Ingredients to Look for

The right cellulite cream can be very hard to find. With so many in stores these days, it is difficult to find one that actually works. Many creams and lotions will claim to be able to remove cellulite from the body. This is not possible. These creams are making promises that cannot be kept. But […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Explanation – Get the Basics Right

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is seen very commonly among several people all over the world. It is a physical disorder that can trouble anyone irrespective of his profession and habits. Thus, it is important to know certain important facts about the carpal tunnel syndrome. Important Facts The carpal tunnel syndrome affects the hand, to be precise […]

Acupuncture Points on the Meridian

When trying to learn more about the acupuncture points that were used before a person will become aware that the original number of points was based on the days of the year. There were three hundred and sixty five points in the early period of acupuncture. The acupuncture points in a person’s body are positioned […]

Colon Function and Why You Need to Cleanse Your Colon

Your colon has a job to do. It is suppose to rid your body of waste material, bacteria and it is to absorb water and mineral salts. It also has the job of maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance within the body. When your colon cannot perform its job well because it is clogged with impacted […]

Keeping Your Child Safe From Accidental Burns

A child will explore the world through the sense of touch. This is how a child learns the first lessons about the objects in the home, yard and other areas that they come into contact with; these first lessons should not include burns. Burns are painful reminders of kids getting too close to hot objects, […]

Types Of Aerobic Exercise

Introduction Aerobic exercise is an activity that uses large muscle groups which can be maintained continuously and is rhythmic in nature. It is a type of exercise that overloads the heart and lungs and causes them to work harder than at rest. The important idea behind aerobic exercise today is to get up and get […]

Low Carb Diet & Breastfeeding

Most women can’t wait to lose weight and fit into their old clothes following childbirth. However, some tend to forget the weight that was gained during pregnancy was gained over a few months and it is not going to disappear overnight. Health professionals advise mothers to wait two months following the birth of their child […]

Getting the Nitty Gritty on Bad Breath

Anaerobic Sulfur Producing Bacteria are the bad guys when it comes to understanding what causes your bad breath. These bacteria live on the surface of your tongue, in your throat and on the surfaces of your teeth and in-between your teeth. These bacteria are not all bad because they actually are suppose to be in […]

Lower Back Pain

The lower back, also known as the Lumbar region is made up of five vertebrae, the sacrum and coccyx and is found in the lower third of the spine. The vertebrae are dense rings of cortical bone with a body shaped like an hourglass that protects the spinal cord. The lumbar vertebrae supports all the […]

No Self-Treatment For Arthritis- Dangerous

If you are not in a good health, then you are prone to get affected with various health conditions. Exercising, having a proper diet helps in being in good health. You happen to get caught up with any disease then it is preferable consulting a doctor and undergoing a suitable treatment. Arthritis is a chronic […]

Identifying the Severity of a Burn

When giving first aid to a burn victim, the first thing that needs to be done is to identify the severity of the burn. Knowing how bad the burn is helps when deciding how to treat the burn, or if the burn victim should be given emergency assistance. There are 3 common levels of burn […]

Acupressure Point On Dogs

Acupressure serves as an excellent complement to the dog’s health care. One can perform treatment by own, but it is not a substitute for veterinary care. If the dog shows signs of acute pain or distress, then take him to the holistic veterinarian for a check-up. Whether the dog is a professional competitor or not, he […]

Aromatherapy and Skin Rejuvenation

The body’s largest organ is the skin. It keeps all of the other important body parts in check, and is our barrier to the world. The skin is an amazing creation, when it gets cut; it heals itself, and is constantly renewing itself with cell regeneration daily. As we age however, the properties that made […]

Relieving Headaches with Aromatherapy

These are stressful times that we are living in, and many people unfortunately bear the witness of this by suffering from headaches. Headaches are caused by a number of different reasons. In fact, often times headaches are a sign of something else that may be taking place in the body. For example, an infection in […]

Step Aerobics

Heard of step aerobics? Well it definitely takes you a step closer towards good heath and fitness! If you haven’t heard of it let’s start with the basic definition of a step that is used in aerobics. Well, an aerobics step is a raised platform, which can be adjusted according to the degree of intensity […]

Sports Aerobics

What is sports aerobics? Aerobics: Aerobics is nothing but a system of physical training designed to improve circulatory and respiratory efficiency and involves vigorous sustained exercises such as jogging, running swimming and cycling. Sports aerobics: Sport Aerobics, also known as “competitive aerobics”, is basically a sport derived from aerobic dance. Athletes display their ability to […]

Diet and Diabetes

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, they have to completely overhaul many of the basic activities in their life. If a doctor confirms a diabetes affliction, they often mention the need for dietary changes. While there is no one set-in-stone plan for a diabetes diet, there are definitely some guidelines that can set you […]

Increasing Your Milk Supply

During the first few months of breastfeeding, one of the most common concerns is a lacking milk supply. This is a fairly natural concern. With bottle feeding, you can tell exactly how much milk your baby is getting at each feeding session. With breastfeeding, you simply have to rely on your baby to tell you […]

Getting Rid Of Bad Breath with Folk Remedies

If your breath needs freshening beyond the power of toothpaste, toothbrush and also dental floss, consider the folk remedies that are so plentiful. Best of all, these are safe, healthy, and will not counteract any medications you may be taking or medical conditions you might face. Pomegranate Rinds – nobody is really sure why pomegranate […]

Lifting Without Hurting Your Back

Back pain can be excruciating. It’s a problem that many people have throughout their lifetimes, and it is also usually preventable. There are many reasons why one may be afflicted with back pain, but rather often the source of the problem is due to heavy lifting, which may strain a muscle of the back or […]

Candida Diet Foods – Food with Thought

Candida is a type of yeasts. This yeast can cause fungal infections not only in humans but also in animals. Generally, this kind of infection affects women mainly in the vagina. However, it is also possible that any other body part is affected by such a fungal infection. Candida can also affect men. Such kind […]

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Arthritis

Arthritis is disorder of joints. The disorder causes pain and inflammation in the joints. Arthritis also causes damages of the bones and joints. Though, the problem prevails largely with individuals falling in the age of 40 to 60, even youths can develop arthritis problems. There are several ways with help of which arthritis can be […]

Chiropractors as Primary Care Physicians

Not too long ago chiropractic care was scoffed at by internists and other physicians. Yet as time went on and chiropractics established itself more and more as part and parcel of acceptable healthcare, it soon became obvious that chiropractors attained real results in their care of patients, and soon the word spread and many patients […]

Fat and Cellulite The Same or Different?

Fat and cellulite are different in many ways. When small pockets develop just under the skins surface, many people immediately think it is fat which can be removed through diet and exercise. This is not the case. For many women, cellulite is here to stay. There are not miracle cures that will make the cellulite […]

Symptoms Childhood Asthma

You’d know if your child had asthma, wouldn’t you? After all, it’s hard to miss a child gasping for breath. It must be a pretty dramatic thing, right? Wrong. Because of the symptoms childhood asthma is often mistaken for other things like colds or allergies – or goes completely unnoticed when a parent or doctor […]

Acupuncture Point Categories Part Two

Acupuncture, which is sometimes referred to as needle therapy in Standard Chinese Mandarin is a form of alternative medicine or natural healing that involves the inserting as well as the manipulation of needles into precise acupuncture points in the body in order to bring relief from a variety of health conditions and ailments, everything from […]

Colon Cleansing, Liver Detox, And Fad Dieting

Considered the unholy trinity of health food stores, colon cleansing, liver detox and fad dieting seem to have struck up an uneasy alliance. All three have several common characteristics: Colon cleansing, liver detox and fad dieting rely on supplements that require consistent expenditures to keep the perceived benefits of the process going. If you lost […]

Identifying Intentional Burn Victims

The saddest burn cases are those where an abuser inflicts the burns intentionally. The victim is typically one who is defenseless such as a child under the age of ten or an adult that is unable to fend off such attacks. Most victims of such cruelty are unable to speak for themselves and therefore rescue […]

Punk Rock Aerobics

Heard of punk rock aerobics? If you hav’nt you are really missing on a chance to be fit and to have some fun, both at the same time. Punk rock aerobics is the latest hip way to get in shape. You can consider as an antithesis to new age fitness trends like yoga and Pilates. […]

Healing Your Sore Nipples

Sore nipples are the number one reason most women quit breastfeeding. It is normal to experience some measure of nipple soreness during the first two to four days of breastfeeding. However, beyond those first days, nipple soreness should not be a problem you experience. The most common cause of sore nipples is improper positioning. When […]

Freshen Your Breath Even when you Can’t Brush

You have just had a great Italian meal, pasta with lots of garlic. It was delicious and you feel quite satisfied. However, have you thought about your breath? It can wreak after such a garlic-laden meal. So, if you know you have bad breath, but you don’t have the time to run home and brush […]

Kidney Infections Cause Back Pain

There are so many sources of back pain that a person often needs to see their health care provider to determine which cause they are suffering with. Before doing this the best thing to do is write down your symptoms and then you will know what to tell your doctor when you have your appointment. […]

Natural therapy – Get Rid Of Arthritis Naturally

Arthritis refers to health disorder, which affects the musculoskeletal system of the body. The problem is mainly associated with the joints in the bones. Arthritis leads to problems such as pain, stiffness, and inflammation and also causes damage to the joints. There are several ways with help of which arthritis can be cured. However, natural […]

How to Prevent Household Burns

Many of the childhood burns that have occurred are preventable. The majority of household burns occur in the kitchen. There are many steps adults can take to make the kitchen area safe. Here are some safe rules to follow that will allow you and your family members to prevent burns from happening. When cooking on […]

Acupressure Point Location

Some of the acupressure points lie underneath major muscle groups. While points near a bone structure generally lie in an indentation, muscular points lie within a muscular cord, band or knot of tension. To stimulate the point one has to press directly on the cord or into the hollow. As acupressure evolved, each of the […]

Aromatherapy and Safety Precautions

At first glance, it may seem strange to think of safety precautions with Aromatherapy. After all, Aromatherapy uses scents so what could be dangerous about that, right? Well, actually there is plenty of concern to be warranted when using essential oils and Aromatherapy. The essential oils used in Aromatherapy are concentrated forms of plants and […]

Regaining your Concentration with Aromatherapy

There are many reasons why people have a difficult time concentrating. Some factors include stress, anxiety, and fear while others may have trouble with their memories and experience a hard time focusing. Anxiety can affect your concentration and your ability to focus. This can be devastating and hinder your work performance. It may also make […]

Low Impact Aerobics

Aerobic exercise is sustained activity which involves major muscle groups, such as swimming, running or brisk walking. It increases heart and respiratory rate and also helps to increase the oxygen circulated through the body. This type of exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and also helps in developing overall strength and stamina. The goal of aerobic […]

Diabetics and Vacations

If you are a diabetic, it can in certain situation pose problems when you need to travel. Luckily nowadays this problem can be solved by the diabetic person taking simple adequate precautions before they set off on their journey. When trips and journeys are made to a foreign country, they should be carefully planned. Before […]

Handling Baby Bites

One of the biggest concerns among nursing mothers as the baby starts teething is getting a bite during any given nursing session. A baby bite is one of the most painful experiences you will ever face. Part of the pain, though, is the incessant fear that the behavior will reoccur. As a result, it can […]

Food Culprits that Cause Bad Breath

You do not have to read a lot of articles about bad breath to know that there are certain foods that will cause your breath to smell bad. You know this when it happens. You go out to lunch and have a lot of garlic or onions. You can taste it on your breath and […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most frequent health problems faced in the world. Between fifty and eighty percent of all adults have experienced back pain within the last year, and in this article, we’ll do our best to fill you in on some of the more commonly asked questions regarding back pain. Question: I’ve […]

Candida Diagnosis

Diagnosis, the preliminary step to treatment: Diagnosis may involve a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history, physical exam and the laboratory tests including blood tests, blood cultures and wound cultures. For the diagnosis of invasive systemic disease tissue biopsy may also be done. For extensive diagnosis Potassium Hydroxide KOH, is used as the diagnostic […]

Massage Therapy

Arthritis, in its virulent form, can be an incapacitating disease. Even in its mild and moderate forms, arthritis can be physically devastating. Whatever its stage, arthritis can be effectively tackled with massage therapy. The best aspect of massage therapy is that an arthritis sufferer can use basic massage techniques on himself or herself. Massage therapy […]

Exercise for cellulite

Many people believe that special creams and pills will make them get rid of their cellulite. It is true that some creams and potions can help them, but pills and creams are never enough to rid you of the complete problem. In fact, several companies that have sold cellulite creams which have made misleading claims […]

Standard Of Care Childhood Asthma

It happened nearly every night. Two or three hours after my 8 year old daughter fell asleep, I’d hear the first cough. Within minutes, she’d be sitting up in her bed coughing and wheezing until she started gagging. An attack could last minutes or an hour. And on the nights when she didn’t have one, […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome E-medicine

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease of the hand featured by numbness, tingling, pain, and weakness. The disease generally affects the thumb, index, and middle fingers and is often particularly troublesome at night. A major nerve, specially the median nerve, travels down the arm and enters the hand through the carpal tunnel, which is located […]

Acupuncture Point Categories Part One

Acupuncture points are each given their own special functions as they relate to a variety of different systems that together make up “Traditional Chinese Medicine” (TCM). Let’s take a closer look at these. The five transporting points system is defined as “the flow of qi in the channels using a river analogy, and ascribes function […]

Colon Cleansing Tips

Our lives go on even during colon cleansing so it is important to learn ways of making the process easier when at work or when traveling. Here are a few tips that may help the process go a little easier. Those who wonder about how we get parasites into our system – parasites can be […]

How To Distinguish Between and Treat Minor and Major Burns

There are several distinguishing marks to look for when making an identification of a burn in order to identify if it is a minor burn or a major burn. First-degree burns and second-degree burns that are less than the area of your palm are considered to be minor burns. Second-degree burns that are the size […]

Hip Hop Aerobics

What are aerobics? The word aerobic means with oxygen or with air and aerobic exercise is any repetitive activity that you do long enough and hard enough to challenge your heart as well as lungs and they include your legs, glutes, back and chest. However it is an effective physical exercise which is often done […]

Getting Your Nursing Baby to Sleep through the Night

One of the most common questions parents have for their pediatricians is how to get their children to sleep through the night. Unfortunately, this is a developmental milestone. There is no way to predict when your baby might walk or say “Dada.” Equally true is the fact that there is no way to predict when […]

Flossing 101: Tips to a Sweeter Breath

How many times have you been told that you should floss each and every day? Probably more times than you can count. Do you floss every day? Most people do not. However, flossing is very important to your oral health and is also important to your breath. When you floss when you are supposed, you […]

For an Alternative Treatment Try Capsaicin Cream

Tired of always being told that you need to take prescribed medications to deal with your back pain? Don’t want to take one more over the counter pain reliever or anti-inflammatory? Sounds like you might be reading to try a little alternative medicine. While there are many alternatives out there to try here’s one possibility […]

Less Stress – Free Stress To Get Rid Of Arthritis

Arthritis is bone disorder. The disease affects the joints in the bones. Arthritis symptoms are visible in form of pain and inflammation in the joints. Normally individuals between the ages of 40 to 60 are more prone to this problem. However, arthritis can aslo arise in youths and children. There are few typical reasons, which […]

Home Burn Prevention

We all want to be safe from sustaining burns in our home, so learning how to prevent burns from happening in our home is important for all family members to learn. Burns can occur from many sources and preventing burns requires that all sources be identified and steps taken to ensure the safety of all […]

Acupressure Point For Knee Pain

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese Healing method that involves placing physical pressure on the different acupuncture points on the surface of the human body. This pressure can be effectively achieved by placing physical pressure by hand, elbow or with aid of various devices available in the market. This science of life has been very effective […]

Aromatherapy and Recovery from Addictions

Anxiety, fear, stress, and depression are on the rise and the result unfortunately is that many people turn to addictions to counteract and self medicate the emotional pain they are struggling with. Addictions can range from sexual, food, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, prescription medication, sugar, carbohydrates, and illegal street drugs. Some people are generally more susceptible […]

PMS and Aromatherapy

PMS or Pre Menstrual Syndrome affects many women. It is the period of time before a woman expects her period and usually is a time of great discomfort. PMS may occur between seven to fourteen days before a woman’s menstruation begins. Hormones may fluctuate during this time and the symptoms of PMS may range from […]

High Impact Aerobics

Aerobics refers to a series of rhythmic, large muscle exercises usually done to music. However, once you get into aerobics, it becomes much more for you. It becomes music, movement, philosophy and lifestyle. On the one hand, it is a modern form of total body exercise and on the other hand, it is a motivating […]