Shopping for aerobics stepper? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our best stepper machine guide. Find the best mini stepper based on our professional stair stepper machine reviews. Read more about which mini stepper machine for home use that is the best for your specific needs.

Best Aerobics Stepper

Surely, these aerobics steppers are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these aerobic step benchs are good enough to make it to our list of the top Aerobics Stepper.

Products NameImagePrice
Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper
KLB Sport 31" Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper In Fitness & Exercise
The Step Original Aerobic Platform
KLB Sport Adjustable Exercise Equipment Step Platform For Sports & Fitness
Giantex 30'' Fitness Aerobic Step

Aerobics Stepper Reviews

Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper

I have had this for about a week. It’s very sturdy.You can definitely use it for a workout. It’s smaller then some of the steppers at the gym but it’s perfect for doing basic stepper workouts. I am 5′ 11″ and I wear a women’s size 11 running shoe. I can use it for planks, heel and calf stretches. I had no problems with stepping off or my feet not fitting as some reviews have stated. The extensions are a little hard to get into place but I just used my weight to slide them in place. It creaks a little at first until they are firmly in place. So far I like it. I am on the heavy side and find this product to be made well and very sturdy. I am using it for the times when its too cold to go walk or run. Its a great cardio workout. I do it while listening to my ipod, watching Netflix or listening to audio books. I slide it right under the bed when I am not using it. I really worked up a swear in 20 minutes. I have three or 4 basic moves that I use.

KLB Sport 31″ Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper In Fitness & Exercise

I love how many uses this step has! I’ve used it for exercise, a shoe organizer, a stepstool for me reaching high closet shelves, and for my dog getting up into my car, but I actually bought it because it was recommended by others to elevate my view while steering my sailboat … I just haven’t gotten around to that yet bc it’s winter)! The space-efficiency and height-adjustability of it are great features. “Nonslippiness” seems great. One small annoyance is that if you carry it around, the plastic leg-components may fall off; they push on but don’t snap super-tight. Just make sure they’re pushed on well and carry it legs-up if you don’t want to risk leg pieces dropping off while carrying it around.

The Step Original Aerobic Platform

This is a good quality budget step for anyone new to step or fitness programs and doesn’t want to invest a lot until you’ve made the commitment. The size is good and the plastic is sturdy and supports up to 275 pounds. It’s not perfect, but it’s good for the price.

.. The top of the step has thin grooves across the top that help your shoes grip and not slip.
.. Ample size for step routines

.. Not large enough to lay on, like other platforms, so limits movements
.. Small rubber feet don’t offer much non-slip protection

Overall, this is an okay step. There are better models available, but not everyone needs the same type of platform. I don’t love it, but I do like it.

KLB Sport Adjustable Exercise Equipment Step Platform For Sports & Fitness 

This is a great step. Larger than I wanted but my purpose is different than what it was intended for. I use it as a step for my father to get into my mini van. It is sturdy and makes it safer for him. I was using a small step stool but that was unsteady. This really works it is just larger than I want because I want it to stay in my car. We did use it in the house for exercise and we loved it. I had it in front of the TV and I would just step up and down as I watched. Turned out to be a great item!!! The legs sometimes fall off but you can just pop them back in, no big deal. Great item.

This is very slippery hard plastic- if you are a heavy big person you MUST put anti-skid materials on this – (like with glue or at least peel and stick) or you’ll run the risk of slipping off at a critical time. I weigh a LOT and this morning I was hot to try this – and I slipped the first try – , thankfully I caught myself with a cane- (used for balance in this case), and glad I had it handy). Picture is a bit deceptive also – it’s wider than it looks in the photo. More like an adult’s zipper notebook/workbook width. For all that, it seems sturdy. I am ordering anti-skid dots for it though.

Giantex 30” Fitness Aerobic Step

This step is just perfect. I wanted something to keep in my bedroom for when I’m doing nothing, to give me a bit of a push. It fits perfectly at the end of my bed. I just just up and down the step while folding wash. (Have to get exercise in where you can.) The step is very sturdy. I’ve stood on it, jumped on it, and everything else possible to test it. It comes with 2 risers to add some height to make it more challenging. I have only used it with both risers on. The step is just as sturdy with them on, and it is with them off.

Excellent stepper platform. My wife & I use it to exercise & strengthen our legs. It is very easy to add or remove the sections to adjust the height of the platform. If you have been looking for an exercise platform I highly recommend this unit! Is very sturdy and is just as pictured, arrived in perfect condition & on time!