Shopping for back brace support? Read about types, features, and other must-know topics in our best back brace guide. Find the best back support based on our professional back brace for men reviews. Read more about which back brace for women for home use that is the best for your specific needs.

Best Back Brace Support

Surely, these lower back braces are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these lumbar supports are good enough to make it to our list of the top Back Brace Support.

Products NameImagePrice
Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad
AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt
BraceUP® Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt
Back Support Belt by Sparthos
Copper Compression Lower Back Lumbar Support Recovery Brace

Back Brace Support Reviews

Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace with Removable Pad

As someone who suffers from sciatica problems, I’ve been looking for a decent back brace to help alleviate the pain, especially when driving. I tried several, and this one with the lumbar support really does the trick.

I tried a couple of other brands, but Mueller overall produces a great product for a reasonable price. Construction is excellent – seams are tight, ample velcro, easy to put on and take off. I have a 34″ waist and this fits fine — could easily accomodate several more inches.

I started with the basic Mueller brace (the one without the lumbar). Nice, but didn’t really help all that much in terms of pain. The higher end Mueller (the one with the laces on the back) was also very nicely made and a snap to adjust, but again, it didn’t offer the support I needed. The lumbar pad on this model makes all the difference. They have videos of several of their models on their website which are very helpful, but they are hard to find — I just stumbled across them by plugging in the model numbers. Good info, but a very poorly organized site.

Everyone’s back is different, so unfortunately you’ll need to try out various models to see what hits the sweet spot for your condition. All three Muller braces that I’ve tried were all very well made and a good value, so I can highly recommend the brand.

I ended up buying two so I could keep one in the car and one at home. I found that using both lumbar supports next to one another makes the support even better. The lumbar pads attach with velcro, and there is room to fit both on the same belt side-by-side. That works best for me when driving. A single lumbar pad works well for when I’m mobile.

I also want to pass along some advice I received from my physical therapist regarding braces. While they can be huge help, you should not wear one constantly since it can lead to muscle atrophy. The ideal situation is to build up your core muscles so they do the job on their own. A brace is just a stop-gap to help cut down on pain on the bad days or when you are stressing the muscles (which, for me, occurs when I’m driving long distances). Used judiciously they’re great; used improperly can make the situation worse.

If you’re reading this you probably have back pain, and I very much hope you find the right solution that helps make the situation better or at least more tolerable.

AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

Over the last two years or so, I have been struggling with my on and off relationship with Sciatica. In January this year, I had an MRI done and the doctors found that I had two herniated discs, the L5 and S1. This is due to genetics, weight, and my job (constant up and down, fast pace, etc). So my uncle (retired doctor) told me to look into a back brace. I surfed amazon to find something with higher rated reviews. I came across this one and gave it a try.

-More Velcro for better structure and support.
-Sizing (I am plus size).
-Covers whole core and lower back.
-Excellent lumbar support.

-The plastic bars in the brace break after a while.
-It folds (not too bad).
-Makes back/armpit fat more prominent (which is not important if you want to be comfortable, more of a vanity issue).
-Not constructed for those that have a third gut (which is not the company’s problem, but our own).

Overall, if you want something that is size accurate, which is really important for online shoppers such as myself, and has good form, this would be the best bet. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the lack of longevity of the product (I have to replace every 1 1/2 months or so).

I was not offered a discount or free product for this review. I am an honest customer with an honest review. Thank you.

BraceUP® Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt

I first need to say that this product is excellent. I’ve tried a few compression back braces(including Brett Favre’s) and this has been the best one by far.

I’m a 30 year old guy who is relatively active and I grew up skiing and skateboarding, so my backs pretty messed up from years of hard impacts and falls. I still weight lift and play basketball in a men’s league, which is why I like this brace because it is great for both of those activities. It has two adjustable straps on both ends which allow you to wear it relatively loose or make it extremely tight. Making it very tight has been perfect for weight lifting while I can also wear it loose while playing basketball. It allows me to run and bend over without cutting into my sides(which has been my problem with other braces).

I’m weigh 165 and have a 32 waist. I bought the S/M and I was originally worried about the fit, but I fall pretty much right in the middle of this band. I’d say that the S/M would fit a waist up to 36 – maybe slightly larger, but I’d trust the size chart posted with the product description. I haven’t had any problems with it irritating my skin, which is nice because I do a decent amount of running(and sweating) in it. It says to wash it in warm water, and I was worried about the velcro wearing out from being in water, but I haven’t had any issues with that. I’ve also been careful not to saturate it too much however.

Overall, I’m clearly a fan of this product. Its extremely adjustable, which is what I’d say is its biggest advantage over any other compression product I’ve used. I can run and play basketball in it without worrying about it moving around, but to me, its been most useful towards weightlifting because its comfortable, even when I have it as tight as possible, so it helps me keep form and helps to make sure I’m not being stupid and throwing my back out.

Back Support Belt by Sparthos

The item came in a bag with directions on it. It was easy to figure out except for the lumbar support pad to which was difficult to determine if it felt right one way or flipped. After some trial and error, I was able to easily strap on the first layer of support then enforce it with the second layer of straps. This is the part that really made the difference! I felt like arms were gently wrapped around my lower back holding it up and together. “Finally! Relief! I breathed! I noticed my walk was a little faster, my leg was not dragging so much, and even sitting did not hurt anymore. I still took it easy as it was an area of inflammation, curved spine and arthritis but for the first time in months, I was walking straight again with a faster gate. I was so proud.

Also, being a school teacher, I don’t particularly like showing my brace. So I wear a thin undershirt, put on the brace then lay my dress shirt right over it so I may access it when nessessary. Nobody really notices the support system. And I don’t feel like I’m on display!

Copper Compression Lower Back Lumbar Support Recovery Brace

I am a 71 year old male in very good shape for my age,however I did suffer with back pain. Note the word did,not anymore since I purchased the Copper Compression Recovery Back Brace.I would suffer back pain on long road trips not any more.I started my 15 hour trip from Florida to my home in Virginia 3 hours into my trip my back was really hurting I pulled over strapped on my Copper Compression Recovery back brace and had no more pain the rest of the trip, lesson learned,now I start the trip with my Copper Compression Recovery back brace on,no more back problems.

I work on landscaping projects for my Home owners Association,recently I removed all the shrubs and mulch between our driveways and replaced it with stone and plants ,15 Tons of stone was hand shoveled into a wheel barrel and dumped between the driveways all by me using my Copper Compression Recovery back brace.
I have been using this product for about two months now,needless to say I love this product it has been a game changer for me.