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Best Colon Cleanse Tablets

Surely, these colon cleansing at home are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these herbal colon cleanses are good enough to make it to our list of the top Colon Cleanse Tablets.

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Dr. Tobias Colon: 14 Day Quick Cleanse to Support Detox
Super Colon Cleanse Supplement
KLEENIQ ® 15 Day Colon Cleanse & Detox 30 Capsules
Dr. Schulze's Colon Bowel Cleans

Colon Cleanse Tablets Reviews

Dr. Tobias Colon: 14 Day Quick Cleanse to Support Detox

I recently started my 14 day cleanse hoping to start the new year ‘fresh’ and purge all the bad build up from the year/holiday. I have followed the directions and am consuming more water then it requires but I normally do. I will update my progress as time allows. I take it before bed (9:30 pm) so Day 1 its technically the next day. I started while I was off for the holidays so that I could get a handle on the experience before meshing it into my work life. I normally go once a day in the AM 5 days a week. I will update this as things progress.

Here goes:
Day 1 – No noticeable cramping. I actually missed my normal ‘morning window’. But about 10:30 am it was show time. Much larger than normal but solid. The smell was pretty bad. I guess it’s the loosening up stage. Went a total of 3 times the last being running with lots of pressure behind it.

Day 2 – Still no cramping. The Gas has set in. I can clear a room. I went all morning without a movement, I was just ‘venting’. I took other people advice and make sure I did not fire anything off without being in the bathroom. Made it through the whole day with no bowel moments other than lots of gas.

Day 3 – Woke up at 7 am with moderate cramping ready to go. I had a good deal or darker colored stool at first. The smell is like nothing I have ever had come out of me and I am an avid Mexican food consumer. I was in the bathroom for 20 mins (15 mins of action and 5 mins to finish angry birds). While I was washing my hands I had to go back in for another round. The stool was loose and lighter colored the second time. I went 6 times through out the day. There seemed to be mucus like ‘stuff’ laced throughout the loose logs. Like the colons version of tinsel on a tree.

Day 4 – I again hit the bathroom half awake at 7 am with mild cramps. I almost made the mistake of letting gas vent in bed. Wow am I glad I didn’t. I no sooner hit the seat before my body let out what is best described as a chocolate shotgun blast. This prompted a shower after. I have noticed a good deal of oily film on the water. I hope the smell means that my body is getting rid of this stuff and not reacting to the formula. Day 4 is in the books with 5 movements. Most of which were urgent requiring a fast paced duck walk to the nearest bathroom. Frequent gas 7/10 on the funk scale…

Day 5 – Went right after my first cup of coffee. I was all some what solid and it was less urgent this time. Still producing a large volume of the ‘tinsel turds’. I have been drinking 6-8 bottles of water a day and have definitely noticed that I am thirsty all the time. I have also noticed that I am ravenously hungry. I am sticking to small healthy meals (chicken breast and fresh veggies). I made it through the day with only one movement. The Gas has definitely been the most extreme today that it has been. I am not sure how I am going to do this at work. I am basically a walking crop duster. 11/10 on funk scale. I am also down 5 lbs from day 0.

Super Colon Cleanse Supplement

I’m seeing a lot of bad reviews for a product that works so well. If this does not make you “go”, then you have some serious issues with your system.

First of all, I am overweight by about 40 pounds… it’s sad. The weird thing is, I do not have regular bowl movements and I really never have. This product works… simply put. If it doesn’t work right away, give it time and follow the directions on the bottle. One piece of advice though, if you cannot visit the restroom in a hurry because of work, or some other reason… do not use this.

Overall, I’m on my second bottle and I’m purchasing another one right now. If you have any issues such as the ones that I have, buy this… plus it’s cheap.

I was introduced to this product many years ago by my Mother. As a believer in regular internal cleansing and to detoxify the body after a major dietary and lifestyle change this is the product for me! I will more than likely use this for the rest of my life. It is gentle and effective. It yields results quickly and painlessly. For those whom are just starting on cleansing or have a real traffic jam that has caused “gridlock” you may have to take a couple of doses to get things rolling. You may even need to adjust the dosage to suit your own personal needs but only do so after following the manufacturer’s instructions and giving yourself a chance to see how the product agrees with you.

All in all I swear by the product. I have and will continue to recommend it to friends and/ or family.

KLEENIQ ® 15 Day Colon Cleanse & Detox 30 Capsules

This product worked really well. Definitely had me going. The only problem I had with it ,is that it gave me bad cramp or stomach pain . Sometimes it was almost unbearable. like I had to take a walk or sit down to alleviate the pain but when I got everything it was pushing out of me , then it was all good. I’d probably try it again but I’ll give another colon cleanse a shot first. I don’t mind drowning the toilet but the pain has to go!

While this cleanse did “cleanse” my bowels, I experienced moderate-severe abdominal pain and nausea a few hours after I took the pills. The intolerable side effects were extreme fatigue and malaise. I don’t want to go through a cleanse if I feel sick to my stomach and have no energy to get out of bed. I even tried cutting down to just 1 capsule at bedtime, but it made no difference. I discontinued the cleanse after 5 days.

This works exactly as I hoped that it would. Soft, clean, gentle are good ways to describe it. Very happy with this product.
I feel a lot better since I started taking this and will continue.

Dr. Schulze’s Colon Bowel Cleans

I should say up-front that I have only been using this product for 4 days and I realize that seems like way too little time for writing a review. However, I will write an update in a month. For now I think this product deserves 5 stars, and if 10 were possible I would give them. I have struggled with bowel movement for 10 years. The issues started right after college when I took a very stressful restaurant job. I never had a bm except on days off. It was like my body was too terrified. After I quit that job the issue resolved itself, but every time I had a stressful job it would come back. It was compounded by use of artificial sweeteners which destroyed my gut flora.

This last year was incredibly hard as I went through an unexpected divorce and the problem became so bad that I was experiencing constant back and hip pain. I have a very healthy diet (meat and vegetables primarily) and exercise regularly. I had tried everything normally recommended including yoga and stomach massage. I resorted to medicated suppositories but after a month my body was protesting. I was about to try to see a specialist when I happened upon an article that led me to a different product from which I followed a link to these. I ordered them but was terrified they wouldn’t work since nothing else had. First night I took one. The next day I had movement! It wasn’t earth shattering or anything but it felt natural, if a bit compacted. The next night I took two. More movement the next day. The third night I again took two as I was a little scared of heartburn. Three complete, natural feeling, painless bowel movements, one after each meal! No pain, gas or bloating. It is insane for me. I am over the moon! After a month I am going to get Formula 2. I feel like a new person. I thought I would need surgery or something and all that I needed was some good herbs!