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Best Neck Traction Device

Surely, these home cervical tractions are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure, these good home neck tractions are good enough to make it to our list of the top Neck Traction Device.

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EverRelief® Cervical Neck Traction Device
Gideon Cervical Neck Traction Device
OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit
Ohuhu Neck Cervical Traction Collar Device For Neck
HOKI Cervical Neck Traction Device

Neck Traction Device Reviews

EverRelief® Cervical Neck Traction Device

When I bought this, I was hoping for any little bit of relief from the constant pain, and this little pillow has been more helpful than physical therapy. I blow it up just until there is a slight stretch, then when I don’t feel the stretch anymore I add a little bit of air. I do that a couple of times. And then I let the air out a little bit at a time.

I don’t feel any immediate relief. But shortly afterwards, the pinching is definitely less. When it comes back, I use the pillow again. This way, as soon as the nerve is getting pinched, I’m relieving it. Using it six times a day for ten minutes is providing more consistent progress than three times a day for twenty minutes.

I still need PT for stretching and strengthening, but this pillow is great! I’m always reluctant to buy something when most of the reviewers have received the item at a discount or for free. This is a well-built product. It has basic operational instructions. It doesn’t include medical advice, but that’s kind of understandable. You only need a light stretch so don’t overdo it. Never fill it all the way!! I paid full price and it was worth every penny.

Gideon Cervical Neck Traction Device

I feel foolish for not having gotten a neck traction device like this many years ago. I’ve known since 7th grade that my spine and joints were going to be bad when I got older. My shoulders would crack, pop and sometime dislocate for a second on their own even back then, and my mother and both my brothers had and have back and neck problems. I slept on my neck funny one night when I was 24 and it’s been painful and never been the same since. Then i woke up one day again around the age of 30 and it hurt even worse and started cracking on its own. Why did these things happen seemingly overnight? I have no idea, ugh.

Now I’m 38. I was instructed by my orthapedist to do several different physical therapy exercises at home for my neck. It’s really hard to stay disciplined and do all of them as often and as long as I’m supposed to. It’s not like working out where you feel better afterwards, or doing yoga stretches where you feel a lot more limber afterwards. Those exercises hurt, and there is seemingly less than zero instant or long term gratification. I also have an inversion table for my back. It works phenomenally for my lower back, decently for my mid back, a little bit for my upper back, and zero for my neck. Something about the way gravity works on your spine. Anyways, the only thing that has seemed to work, but only for a very brief time is when I do the neck stretch where I simply lift my chin a little and “reach for the sky” with my skull; stretching my neck vertically upwards for as long as I can take it. If I manage to do it for a couple minutes I can crack my neck satisfyingly and it feels a lot looser.

But only for a little while. So… I saw this cervical neck traction device on here and decided to give it a shot. To be frank, even after reading the description, I really didn’t understand how it worked. Now that I’m using it its obvious and wow does it work well. Once you inflate it to whatever is comfortable to you (for me I have to inflate it almost all the way). it stretches your neck upwards in the exact same manner of the stretch I was doing on my own, but without the effort. Because it does the stretching for me, I can leave it on for the recommended 30 minutes and get an amazing stretch that makes my neck feel awesome for hours afterwards instead of the minutes it does when I stretch on my own. If you have neck pain, you can’t go wrong grabbing one of these. Especially for the little amount this traction device costs, the value you get in terms of feeling better is off the charts.

OTC Over Door Cervical Traction Kit

I’m not going to post a photo because this thing squishes your face and makes you look pretty funny while you’re strapped in, but… I LOVE THIS CONTRAPTION!!! I have a herniated disk (C5) which causes a great deal of pain on one side of my neck that radiates down my left arm. I’ve been in physically therapy for this issue on and off for years and the one thing that seems to do the most good when I see my PT is the traction machine. My insurance wouldn’t approve a home traction unit and I can’t afford the fancier ones myself, but this Traction Kit is everything I need and it didn’t even come close to breaking the bank.

:: Setup ::
Getting things set up was fairly easy. It comes in 6 parts (the door hanger thing, the triangle shaped bracket with pulleys, a rope, the metal spreader bar, cotton/velcro head gear and the empty water bag). The instructions were well written and included photos so there’s not much chance of doing things wrong. I didn’t like that I had to tie the rope on both ends myself. It made me nervous but the knots I used appear to be holding firm. (The instructions have a drawing of a knot they recommend.)

:: Use ::
You can get hooked-up to use this without help but I’d recommend having someone to help get you into it, for sure the first few times at least. Once the bag is full of water its 15+ pounds pulling on your spine so it helps to have an assistant to let the bag fall gently once you’re strapped in. Getting out is a lot easier because you can just grab the bar above your head and pull it down while you detach the head gear from the spreader bar (just D-rings in a notch, nothing fancy and doesn’t require a lot of dexterity).

It is a bit of a hassle to have this thing having on the door all day every day but that’s mainly my fault and due to the fact that we just don’t have a door we don’t use. Still, it doesn’t prevent us from using the door and technically, the manufacturer instructs you to empty the bag and take it down between uses… That’s not realistic IMO because people using this have neck and back issues and filling/carrying/listing a 20 lb bag of water isn’t on my list of recommended activities. I like the idea another reviewer had of attaching a 20lb kettle bell instead of using the water. I will probably try that as well.

:: Results ::
Amazingly, this $20 contraception provides as much relief from pain and numbness as the fancy-schmancy machine at my Physical Therapists office. It allows me to be more active in-between doctor visits because I know I have a source for relief at the end of the day. This has helped me reduce the amount of pain medications I take as well. Obviously, consult your doctor before messing with your neck and back, but once they’ve given the A-OK (mine did without batting an eye) strap yourself in and prepare to be pleasantly surprised!.

Ohuhu Neck Cervical Traction Collar Device For Neck

My physical therapist recommended this product and it works great. Two Velcro tabs hold it together around your neck. Pump it up until you feel like the pressure is off your cervical area. It relieves the pain and helps the nerves heal. Yes nerves can and do repair themselves. This product tired me while pumping but now I keep some air in it for next time. Soft velour texture is very comfortable. Use this as part of your neck therapy.

Wasn’t expecting much, but didn’t want to pay more for other similar products that had poorer reviews. Bought it for my moms birthday. She has cervical spondolysthesis/spondylosis at C3 and C5-6 and really poor range of motion and is in almost constant discomfort. She said her PT’s distraction methods would help, so I thought this might work for her.

Impressed by the packaging. Definitely didn’t look like something cheap from China (not sure where this is made), which is what I was expecting due to the affordable price. The product is well-made and the materials are very nice. It comes with a nice little card with a warranty and an instruction sheet.

My mom tried it, following instructions other reviewers gave. She said it felt good and is happy she has something to stabilize her neck while she reads or watches tv or her iPad. I told her to take it on her next trip to make sleeping on the airplane a little easier.

HOKI Cervical Neck Traction Device

This HOKI Cervical Neck Traction Device lives up to its claim of instant pain relief. By pumping up the chambers on either side of the pillow unit, you’re applying a lifting pressure that eases the vertebrae up and away from the nerves in the neck. It was as if a massage therapist was standing behind me and pulling up with the perfect amount of gentle force to provide instant relief.

My neck pain was relieved in minutes, after two years of building up to an unbearable state. The HOKI worked so well for daytime use that I slept with it in place last night. For the first time in well over a year, I woke up without a severe neck ache or headache.

Chronic pain sucks and any relief even temporary is a blessing for those of us who suffer from it. I have several issues going on in my neck and shoulders which honestly I am just trying to hold off on the surgery for as long as possible. Physical therapy uses a similar device which also provides temporary relief from pain. This device is very comfortable when used correctly 15 to 30 mins several times a day, don’t over inflate (stop when it is comfortable for you, if it begins to be uncomfortable let some air out if needed) the material is very soft, feeling almost like felt. I would recommend trying this if you suffer from any type of neck pain or headaches.