A Colon Cleanse starts off a Healthy Lifestyle

Colon cleanses are marketed as being the answer to toxins invading your body on a daily basis. Citing the toxins that surround us on a daily basis and pointing an accusing finger at the fast food industry and the prepackaged meals that rely on overly processed foods, refined sugar, and fat and salt to make them palatable, proponents argue that that a colon cleanse done annually is a requirement for healthy living. The thought is not that far fetched when you consider the fact that the average American diet is sadly devoid of adequate amounts of dietary fiber – the very substance that permits the colon to evacuate fecal matter efficiently and continuously. It is therefore not unheard of that fecal matter will not be expelled but instead remains in the gut and hardens while it attaches itself to the intestinal walls. The use of drugs and prescription medications in some cases will add to this problem and thus a colon cleanse is a very real first step for a healthy lifestyle.

Another component of this dilemma is the fad diet industry that keeps money changing hands at an alarming rate. Believing that a slimmer waistline is for sale in a bottle, millions of consumers have starved themselves, supplemented their intake of the most awful foods, and gradually made themselves sicker and heavier. None of the fad diets work in the long run, for if they did, the obesity crisis that is currently being exposed in the Unites States would have ended long before it began. Yet because of the hype, clever marketing, and short term results associated with most fad diets, these dietary regimens and supplementation plans continue to be sought after.

A colon-cleanse starts off a healthy lifestyle simply by demanding a break from whatever diet you are currently on. It does not matter if you are a devout disciple who worships daily at the altar that is the drive through window of the local fast food joint, or the staunch believer in a low-carbohydrate, high protein fare that leaves your heart and intestines reeling with the cholesterol laden foods – a colon cleanse will interrupt the cycle you are in and require you to try out healthy fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, it will encourage you to reacquaint yourself with whole grain foods that provide a lot of dietary fiber necessary for the healthy functioning of your colon.

Therefore it is the psychological aspect of a colon cleansing ritual that provides the most benefit for those seeking to change their lifestyle and instead of embracing a fad diet or an unhealthy way of living are looking for alternatives. Furthermore, the colon cleanse will provide the break you need to wean yourself off the harmful foods you have been eating. By providing you the satisfaction of knowing that you are actively engaged in doing something good and healthy for your body, you will be further enticed to take the next step by learning more about proper nutrition and stepping away from your minimalist and limited view of foods. These new discoveries pave the way to the inclusion of a healthy exercise program, and before you know it, the colon cleanse you thought would only help the overall health of your colon is also affecting your lifestyle.