A Perfect Natural Burn Remedy

Burns happen all the time around the house. Maybe you dump your morning cup of coffee in your lap or accidentally touch the stove top while it is on. While minor burns can often be treated with basic first aid tips at home, more serious ones will need medical care.

Even minor burns can be uncomfortable to live with. Plus, because of the resulting skin damage, they are also at risk for infections that can make a burn more serious than it initially was. Therefor, one of the most important things to do after a burn is to help prevent infection.

To determine the type of care that your burn needs, there are a few things that you must consider. First is the cause of the burn – whether it was caused by something hot, chemicals, electricity, etc. Second is the degree of damage that has been done. With all burns, the first step to preventing further injury is to cool the burn area down as quickly as possible.

First degree burns only affect the top layer of skin and heal fairly quickly. Second degree burns are more severe and can cause blistering. Third degree burns involve all the layers of skin and even the underlying tissues. Deep second and third degree burns should get immediate medical attention.

If you receive a burn, you will want to heal it as soon as possible. One of the best healing remedies for burns comes from a simple plant and has been used for centuries to help heal the skin. Aloe vera was reportedly used by Cleopatra to enhance her skin. The Navy used to keep it on hand to help with radiation burns. African hunters used it for long hunts. In ancient records of the Africans, Arabs, Chinese, Egyptians, and indigenous cultures there is mention of using aloe vera as a way to help with skin injuries.

One of the first types of burn treatments that aloe vera was used for was in the treatment of sunburn. However, it is useful on burns of nearly any type. Fresh aloe vera from the plant has been shown to reduce the severity of a burn, helping to save someone’s skin. It has been shown to be so effective that some medical practitioners are advocating its use in ambulances and hospitals.

Another great benefit of the aloe vera plant is it is very low cost. You can grow a plant or two in your home and break off a leaf as needed. If you do not have a green thumb, aloe vera gels are available at many health and drug stores, often in either the sun care product section or the burn section. This makes it a must have addition to any good first aid kit.

Aloe vera is being found in more and more products that you use every day. It has no known side effects or adverse reactions, and can be used in everything from soap to lotions to creams and gels. Next time you have a serious burn, it is worth giving aloe vera a try in order to help speed up the healing process.