Acne Myths and the Truth

Acne is a skin disease that has many causes and seems to be a right of passage into the teen years. Acne can show up at any age it is associated with the teen years. Some people erroneously believe that only teenagers get acne. The truth is that person of all ages can get acne from newborns with newborn acne to pregnant women with acne of pregnancy and older adults who can get the occasional acne.

Although acne is not a life threatening condition it can cause serious consequences for the teen that is self-conscience and can lead to depression.

Another myth is that treating a pimple with spot preparations will heal the pimple fast. The truth is that it takes several weeks for a pimple to form and it does not go away that fast.

A lot of people believe that food can cause acne. This myth is false. Foods like pizza, greasy fries and chocolate cannot cause acne.

Although makeup cannot cause acne, using makeup with a oil base can lead to excessive oil on the face which can lead to acne. Individuals can use makeup to conceal acne.

One myth is that acne is caused by dirt and that blackheads are dirt. It is not true that dirt is involved in the process of developing acne. In fact if you wash your face too often or scrub your face too hard you can actually dry out your face and aggravate acne.

Understanding what myths are false can help individuals to deal with acne in a manner that will allow them to eat foods that are healthy, get plenty of sleep, do activities that they enjoy without threat of looking as if you should feel guilty about eating pizza or French fries.

Knowing the truth will help you to remember to eat proper diets, get exercise; wear makeup instead of being fearful of it, and eating the foods that they enjoy most. Knowledge is power and reading about myths and their truth can help others to have clear skin. Acne has many causes none of which is the food we eat, though it is important to have a well – balanced diet.

So basically acne is not just for teens, is not caused by dirt, though washing your face twice a day can prevent acne from forming.

Acne cannot vanish quickly just because a spot preparation is used directly on the pimple. Acne takes a while to form and people has to be patient with the healing process.

It is a myth that makeup causes acne though it is really good at concealing it.

There you have all of the myths summarized for you and easy to remember.