Acupressure is the science that deals with the flow of natural energy in the human body. Pressure is applied on the different pressure points of the body. Stimulating the analogous glands of the body does this. Acupressure has been around in this world for an unknown number of years now. It is very popular in many parts of the world. There is no explicit place or country where it evolves. Acupressure once was a very general science that everybody used to treat medical problems, but with the incursion of medicine and fast curing pills, majority of the people switched from acupressure to western medicine.

Functions of acupressure

This states that the human body has fourteen “imaginary meridians” that carry energy all through the body. These meridians start from the fingertips, link to the brain, and then connect to the organs associated with the specific meridian. The names of these meridians specify the organ associated with them. The lung meridian is linked to the lungs via the nervous system. Hypothetically, a lung problem arises if there is an impediment in the lung meridian that slows down the flow of energy. If somehow this is removed or dissolved, the energy flow becomes regular and the lungs start functioning well. There is a requirement for the cure of basic or the root cause. This is mainly caused is due to the improper flow of the blood in the blood vessels and there is a problem in the lungs and the thus it causes the malfunctioning. This can be cured by using acupressure as it helps in the proper flow of the blood in the body. This treatment is carried out on pressure points and not on the needles. Needles may harm any persons’ body. They will pierce through the body and for the kind information this is mainly used in the acupuncture.


This has treated a lot of various diseases. It has proved possible in many cases that are related to human diseases like breast cancer, asthma, diabetes, kidney failures, intestinal problems, stones and kidney failure, paralysis, pregnancy, urinary problems in females, backaches, spondalitis, arthritis and rheumatism. in some cases this also does not work, so use of the allopathic is necessary.