Acupressure Facial

Acupressure helps in various ways and this also works in radiating your skin. For this reason a lot of people use the acupressure in order to get relaxation. This rejuvenates the skin and makes the flow of blood faster. Acupressure makes an approach in rejuvenating the beauty of your face while simultaneously improving your overall health. This is a natural way to look younger as it advantages in ways, acupressure facial and health consultation with additional information on healthy exercise and proper diet and nutrition for proper health and radiant skin.

Acupressure facial takes place in a calm, snug room at some place near your garden. The face is steamed and cleansed, and acupressure is used to stimulate those points on the face that develops muscle tone, stiffens the skin, and increases the circulation of blood, lymph, and adds essence to your head. Additional points are massaged based on the results of the face reading.


Toning benefits increase because muscles have memory. This gives anti aging and anti stress effect. It gives relaxation and pampers the skin. It clears the acne skin problem and makes it marks free. This treatment also benefits those who experience headaches or migraines, allergies, sinus congestion, insomnia, fatigue, eyestrain, jaw problems, stress and neck shoulder or back pain.  Enjoy the renewed energy flow and well being from head to toe while rekindling your natural and unique stunning spark. Ear candling benefits may be improved by putting a few drops of olive oil in your ears the night before your appointment


Facial cleansing contains chamomile oil, which is known for its soothing properties. Gentle buffing with a gentle buffing cream, which removes the dead skin cells. The requirements for this are 30 Minute Facelift Massage with luxurious creams and oils, such as almond oil. Then massage is applied to the neck, scalp, shoulders, hands and feet. Face toner is applied along with herbal mists. After that essential oils are to be rubbed on the face. In order to make some extra arrangement hot towel wraps are placed on the face for a calming effect. Subsequently vapor O-zone Mist is applied on the face. Exercise techniques to use at-home are to be learnt from special technicians.