Acupressure For Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome condition occurs when there is an inflammation of the median nerve. This nerve runs through the carpal tunnel, which is made up of bones and ligaments in the wrist area. As the nerve swells, it creates strain and pain in the fingers, hands and wrists. Repetitive and strenuous use of the fingers and hands are the common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome. A person who has carpel tunnel syndrome generally experiences a tingling in the fingers, hands and sometimes forearm. The severity of the symptoms ranges from mild discomfort to disabling pain and loss of use of the wrist and fingers as well.


Common symptoms of recurring strain injury include persistent tingling, pain or numbness in the wrists, hands or forearms. Some people also get swelling in the hands or start dropping things because they have problem controlling their fingers. The natural remedies in conjunction with medical care and used with the doctor’s approval may help those with repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.

How acupressure can help?

It is easy to acupressure while sitting comfortably at home, office or any other place. By pressing points P 7, located on the inside of each arm in the middle of the wrist crease and TW 4 on the outside of the arm in the hollow at the center of the wrist crease can give the desire relief from the pain. One can work the two points simultaneously by placing the left thumb on the TW 4 point of the right wrist and the left fingers on the P 7 point of the right wrist. As per the recommendation of the practitioner, by pressing this points can be beneficial.

Tips and warning

Early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome are a tingling or numbness in the hands. Sharp pains shooting from the wrist up the arm or a burning sensation in the fingers are the symptoms of this. Acupuncture and acupressure are alternative forms of non-surgical treatment worth looking into if symptoms persist. Warnings before starting this are the risk for carpal tunnel syndrome increases with conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy, obesity and menopause. See the doctor immediately for treatment if there is symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is easier to treat if caught early.