Acupressure For Pets

Those who have had the experience of a carsick dog or other pets having problems, they might select Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy for hilling. It is widely known as stomach chi. Stomach Chi is the life-force energy that supports the stomach’s ability to function appropriately.  Stomach Chi is supposed to flow downwards and not upwards.  If the life force goes in the wrong direction it may create a problem either for the pet and the owner too. There are specific acupressure points that can be use before taking the pet in the car to help avoiding the experience of rebellious stomach essence. By applying pressure to these particular points pet can be helped by increasing the flow of energy throughout his body. This will help his stomach Chi to flow in its natural direction.

Effective for pets too
Acupressure has been used for 1000’s of years for physical and alarming problems in both animals and humans.  These simple techniques can resolve injuries more quickly. It also supports the body before, during and after surgeries. This helps to reduce swelling, minimize pain and help with calming and immune system conditions too.  These are just a few of the issues for which acupressure can be used to help your animals. Acupressure is always available and perfectly safe to perform a treatment whenever there is problem traveling with the pet might be a bit bumpy taxing his stomach Chi. The correct use of acupressure can help the pet to get relief.

How to start treatment
Gently place one hand on his shoulder. Place the heel of other hand at the top of his neck just to the side of his spine and stroke down his neck.  Continue by smoothly stroking over his body down to his hindquarters by staying to the side his spine.  Continue to stroke down his leg following the Bladder Meridian. It is the line to the outside digit. By continuous patting him may make him feel better from inside too. Gently place the tip of the thumb directly on the acupressure point at a 90-degree angle adding a little pressure. Put the middle finger on top of the index finger. Then place the index finger at a 90-degree angle gently, but with intentional firmness then directly on the acupressure point. For closing just repeat what is done in the beginning and make the pet feel much better at the end.