Acupressure For Stress

Stress is just the emotional health disorder. In addition to making sure eating healthy and using a fitness program, one has to maintain a healthy emotional state. At one time or another, everybody has felt stress. It is okay to stress out, but just don’t let it overtake you. So keep feeling stressed and keep popping the pills are not just the answer. Then what is the better answer is the question. Simple all you have to do is to find the acupressure practitioner who can relive you of this dreadful stress which keeps on erupting in the better way. Instead of loosing the cool, try to start the day peacefully.

Acupressure for stress

Acupressure is most beneficial though only once can relieve the mental tension and ultimately ailments. On general note the pressure for the beginners is only for the one to three minutes and gradually work up to holding it longer. But it should be taken care that the point should not be pressed for more than minutes and should limit each area of the body to fifteen minutes. Stress related tension often builds in the head, neck, shoulders, and hips and so these areas should be concentrated.

1. Head: Head actually means the location between your eyebrows, in the indentation between the bridge of nose and forehead. Use the middle finger to apply gentle steady pressure on the point for one minute while focusing on slow, deep breathing. Release the pressure after one minute, let facial muscles relax, and repeat the exercise.
2. Neck: For the effective relaxation, massage the points located on both sides of the body, spaced a couple of inches apart, at the base of the skull between the two vertical neck muscles are effective for relieving tension in the neck.
3. Shoulders: Press a point located in the highest point of your shoulder muscle this will surely help to reduce stress emotional stress
4. Hips: To alleviate stress-related tensions, points CB 30 and B 53, located in the pelvic area, CB 30 is in the center of each buttock; behind the top part of the upper thighbone should be well massage.