Acupressure For Upset Stomach

Eating too much too quickly and consuming lots of rich, spicy and fatty foods are common causes of stomachache. The heartburn, cramping, nausea, flatulence and other symptoms are typically associated with an upset tummy. Excessive stress, irregular eating schedule, food poisoning or a flu bug could be the cause too. If the ache persists or recurs, it could be sign of appendicitis. It is an ulcer or gallstones. There is a natural remedy to it. It is acupressure treatment.

How to do it?

After several doctors, research the point to cure a stomach pain is found. Press both Sp 16 points, situated below the edge of the rib cage, a half-inch in from each nipple line. While pressing these points one has to bend over and hold the stomach. By holding the points for one minute while breathing deeply the instant relief can be felt.

Few steps to prevent

Acupressure is the form of applying pressure to specific areas of the body. It may be helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting and relaxes the gastrointestinal tract. Acupressure can be applied by wearing a special wristband or by applying firm pressures to the back of the jawbone, webbing between the thumb and index finger, top of the foot, inside of the wrist, base of the rib cage. There are many steps to prevent getting upset stomach. Patients should wait until the body has enough rests and the stomach has a chance to settle down before starting on solid foods. To avoid overworking the digestive system too soon, patients should resume eating with bland food like as toast or yogurt. In addition, they should not try to eat too much right away as this also stresses out the digestive system. One of the acute reasons is Lactaid. Lactaid helps prevent upset stomach in persons allergic to milk. It ends up in upset stomach. Acupressure can benefit by providing the right pressure points. One can do this by applying pressure between the thumb and forefinger. This would help remove the nauseous feeling and prevent from vomiting and the stomach will not get upset.