Acupressure Massage

This was introduced in china, as this is the traditional Chinese medicine. The massage techniques are applied on the pressure points all through the body following the meridians, which corresponds with the muscles, organs and the nervous system. It can help anybody who follows the principles of this Chinese medicine technique. This can stimulate the body’s healing powers improving health and vitality. There are various kinds of the massage systems that are very useful to the health improvement. The most well known acupressure is Shiatsu; here they apply the pressure for three to five minutes.

The various types of the massage acupressure:

1. Firm pressure- pressure is applied gradually for few minutes and this relaxes the body and promotes greater healing.
2. Slow motion kneading- Thumbs and fingers are used with the heels of the hands in order to squeeze large muscles. It makes the body soft by simply leaning on it
3. Brisk rubbing- skin is rubbed lightly in order to relieve chilling, swelling and numbness by increasing the circulation
4. Quick tapping- this stimulates the muscles of the fingertips. This is also applied on the face and on buttocks.

Benefits of acupressure massage

a) This mainly relaxes mind and body.
b) It increases blood circulation.
c) Provide relief from head, neck and shoulder aches
d) Promote the healing of injuries
e) Increase energy levels
f) Increase overall feeling of well being

Conclusive tips

This gives you a lot of relaxation while you have a lot of body pain. The massage should be in right direction. Acupressure points are to be applied on special pressure points. Then it is directed to slide or rub in that area. Much penetration is not required and this is done slowly and rubbed gently. The person should know the proper pressure points and stimulate there gently. Oil and water is to be rubbed on the whole body. Even prenatal massage is suggested to mother in some serious situations. If these steps are followed then they will really help you very much. Moreover, it is a matter of fact that most of the people have relief.