Acupressure Menstrual Cramps—‘Oriental Healing’

The day-to-days workloads have been one of the major causes for the ever-increasing stress levels in the workingwomen. The obsolete ideas of practicing exercises at home are also held responsible for this sometimes.

How it works??

When certain acupressure points are pressed they create an elevation in two different forms.
On the physical level, the technique delivers pain away from the muscular distensions, blood circulations and the physiological effects. The traditional Oriental heals the body and promotes healing. The acupressure is based on the belief that the there exists life forms in boy called the ‘CHI’. It is different yet very similar electromagnetic theory. This build the body forms to promote good health.

Acupressure exercises:

The exercise balances the whole reproductive system. This increases your ability to unblock the energy pathways of your body. This relieves cramps, bloating, weight gain and fluid retension. The sequence of the points balances the points on the spleen meridian. It relives from bloating and weight gain as soon leading to menstruations. The exercises relieve nausea. This relieves digestive systems that occur with cramps and low back pain. This relieves menstrual nausea by just exercising before the onset of periods. The exercise can also help in relieving menstrual anxiety and depression. The tiredness may last through the first few days of the menstruation for many days. This also elevates the low back pains in most of the women. This balances the points of the bladder meridian. It balances the energy of the female reproductive system.

Pros and cons:

The gentle breathing also while exercising is important. The point that you are to hold should be with a gentle grip so that to prevent any form of muscle or tendon pulling. All the points will correspond to one particular point. You can massage at least once in a day or more during the times you have the symptoms. During the treatment, the tenderness in the points should slowly go away. One may also have a subjective feeling of heat radiating from the body parts. If you feel resistance or a certain amount of tension in the body parts then you may use the motion slowly and this would slow down later. The right diet, exercise regime and positive attitude is the key to stress-free life.