Acupressure Meridian – Meridian Means

It is really amazing to know about the large number of disorders that have a solution in ancient medical ways. The oriental countries have a very strong culture of traditional medicinal ways. Concepts like acupressure and acupuncture existed in the traditional forms of healing in these countries. All this was much before the entire world recognized these healing forms. The concept of acupressure working through the meridians in the body is an extremely interesting aspect to study.

More about Meridian

Means like acupressure function on the basis of a thorough understanding of the human body mechanism. The human body consists of a system that is based on bio-energy circulation. This system is similar to the blood circulation system in terms of their functioning. This bio energy flows along the meridians or channels in the body. The human body has 12 major meridians. These exist in pairs and are located in a very symmetrical manner on the either side of the body. Every pair of meridian is connected to a particular organ in the body. Apart from these, there are two single meridians located in the midline of the body. One meridian is located on the front while the other is located along the spinal cord. There are several points along the meridians. These points act as transmission points. The bio energy flows through these points into the structure of the muscles. It is through this process that the human body can undertake different activities.

Individuals fall ill because of an obstacle or an imbalance that is developed in the energy flow. Thus, the transmission points become congested or develop some flaws. Due to this the surrounding muscles become weak and are adversely affected. If these transmission points are stimulated then the flaws can be eliminated. This stimulation is mainly done through acupressure or acupuncture. In acupressure, the acupressure practitioners find the points that are malfunctioning. These points are found by pressing by a thumb or a finger around the area of the meridian that is found to be problematic. The pressing is done in a circular fashion around the meridian points. The treatment includes pressing of the painful points or areas frequently.

This kind of acupressure treatment of the meridians is supposed to cure even the most complicated diseases. There are evidences about people finding great relief through these measures of acupressure concentrated on meridians.