Acupressure Mouth Point

Acupressure is useful in lessen many of the physical symptoms as well as the sluggishness of mild depression due many affecting factors. Acupressure is the traditional Chinese medical art performed by applying steady, firm pressure on specific points along the body so as to stimulate those points, which further produce the energy.

Not rubbing its all about applying the pressure

Many people have wrong concept of the acupressure or they understand it wrong. People think that it is nothing but rubbing briskly at the point which is paining. Acupressure is not rubbing but it is actual applying of the pressure at an acupressure point, if you prefer, you can even rub on the acupressure point briskly to stimulate them rather than just applying pressure but it should be taken care that the rubbing or applying pressure should be done only at the acupressure point and the organ or part which is throbbing. When stimulated, these points, which are identical to acupuncture points, correspond and affect other parts of the body which could be adverse than what was exact thought. But there are certain points those are located on the face or on the mouth which are not supposed to be rubbed but pressed to apply pressure so that. The points which are located on the mouth are meant for the best result related to your facial skin, they helping anti ageing factors like showing wrinkles, it also major helps to reduce the depression.

According to tradition Chinese medicine, depression can occurs when one tries to suppress the certain emotions, such as anger or guilt. Using anti-depression acupressure points of the mouth meaning applying pressure or slow massage on them can help to release this blocked energy. Once it is free to rise to the surface, one can examine the feelings and to try to gain a greater understanding of them. By massaging or rubbing in between helps to look the healthier and younger than before and ultimately face looks wrinkle free. There is no need to use all pressure points of the mouth. Using just one or two whenever hands are free can be effective in controlling your depression.