Acupressure Point For Knee Pain

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese Healing method that involves placing physical pressure on the different acupuncture points on the surface of the human body. This pressure can be effectively achieved by placing physical pressure by hand, elbow or with aid of various devices available in the market.

This science of life has been very effective in the treatment of various joints in the human body specially the knee joints.

Acupressure a reliever for knee pain!

Acupressure if applied to the exact points on a knee can easily relieve you from the pain arising in the knee joints and adjacent muscles. Some crucial acupressure points for knee pain are discussed below.

1. Point A
You can easily locate this point just below the kneecap of the outer indentation.
2. Point B
This point can be easily located on the outside of your lower leg. It can felt below and in front of the head of the shinbone.
3. Point C
Also known as the Three Mile Point, this point is located at a four finger widths below the kneecap and one finger outside of the shine bone.
4. Point D
This point is situated on the outside of the knee, exactly where the crease ends when the knee is bent.
5. Point E
You can find this point on the inner edge of your knee crease, in the hollow between two tendons.
6. Point F
Is situated on the inside of the knee, exactly where the crease ends when the knee is bent.
7. Point G
Even this point on the inside of the leg. You can locate this point, below the bulge that is down from the inside of the knee and under the head of the shinbone.
8. Point H
This is the last point on the knee located in the crease of the knee joint, at the center of the back of the knee.

Applying acupressure to these points can greatly relieve you from excessive knee pain, muscular tensions, aches, muscle strains and edema. Similarly the treatment is very beneficial on knee stiffness and rheumatism of the feet. In addition the treatment will tone your knee muscles and strengthen the whole body.

We would recommend you to take this treatment from an expert, as this a science of practice and not medicine.
So if you have a knee pain now, don’t worry simply go for the acupressure treatment…and get set go…