Acupressure Point Location

Some of the acupressure points lie underneath major muscle groups. While points near a bone structure generally lie in an indentation, muscular points lie within a muscular cord, band or knot of tension. To stimulate the point one has to press directly on the cord or into the hollow. As acupressure evolved, each of the 365 named originally with a Chinese character. The imagery of its name offers insight into either a point’s benefits or location.

Names of points
Some of the names of the acupressure points serve as a powerful meditation tool. By pressing a point and silently repeating its name while visualizing its benefit and breath deeply, one can realize the full potential power that each point offers. When the sea of Vitality points in the lower back are hold, breathe deeply and visualize each breath replenishing the deep reservoir of vitality. Use the power of the mind to strengthen and help to heal lower back. An affirmation with the names of the points can be created. The powerful action statements that amplify a point’s benefits are also created. If the Letting Go points on the upper is hold, outer chest with the fingertips. Breathe deeply. Imagine and forget tension, frustration and stress. Now hold and breathe. By repeating this tension and anxiety goes immediately.

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In addition to its name, each point was assigned a recognition number to track its placement along the body. Point location numbers are like St 3 or GI3 21, are a standard referencing system used by professional acupressurists. Use firm pressure. To apply the pressure one can use the thumbs, fingers, palms or knuckles, depending on what is easiest and most comfortable. When some one is applying pressure with one finger, the middle finger is usually the best choice, since it is the longest and strongest. Pressing on the points can also free an emotional block by releasing the accumulated tension in body. The points on the back, near shoulder blades, that can relieve sadness and depression and points on the wrists and in the center of the forehead that can quell anxiety.