Acupressure Point On Dogs

Acupressure serves as an excellent complement to the dog’s health care. One can perform treatment by own, but it is not a substitute for veterinary care. If the dog shows signs of acute pain or distress, then take him to the holistic veterinarian for a check-up. Whether the dog is a professional competitor or not, he must enjoy playing, running and jumping much more if a good care is taken to his body. Acupressure is safe, always available and drug-free and gives dog the added benefit of the loving touch as well.

Types of acupressure treatment

The dog will have a lot more fun if he feels good when chasing after a ball or simply jogging on the beach. For maximum comfort for him, there are two different acupressure treatments. The first is Before Activity treatment. It serves as a warm-up and gets dog’s body ready for the additional stress of intense movement. The acupressure points are used to increase blood circulation. It releases endorphins that can improve the dog’s athletic ability and help build long-standing endurance. It can be done by holding these points by placing the ball on the thumb at a 90-degree angle to the dog’s body. Instead that by placing the middle finger on top of the index finger and press the point gently with the ball with the index finger. The Before Activity treatment should be applied at least one hour and no more than 12 hours prior to the anticipated activity.

The second treatment is known as After Activity. This session will help the dog relax. It also helps to move lactic acid out of the muscles and will build long-term muscle, joint and tendon strength to enhance stamina. The same point work techniques recommended for the Before Activity treatment is used. The After Activity treatment can be performed as soon as the dog has cooled down and can work calmly with her too.

How can it help?

Acupressure can help the dog live more comfortably and perform at his best. Over hundreds of years, this beneficial treatment has proven to help resolve many of the painful conditions such as.
1. Strengthen muscles, tendons, joints and bones.
2. Enhance mental clarity.
3. Release natural cortisone to reduce swelling and inflammation.
4. Increase lubrication of the joints for better movement of the dog.
5. Release endorphins to increase energy and relieve pain.
6. Resolve injuries more quickly by increasing blood supply in the body.
7. Balance energy to optimize the body’s ability to perform better.