Acupressure Points Massage

Although massage is the oldest healthcare practices all over the world, it was found in ancient Chinese medical texts as well as in the writings of hypocrites. Physicians have practiced acupressure point massage for nearly 100 years. Massage therapy has flourished and it is now one of the most popular complementary and alternative medical modalities. Eisenberg found 11% of randomly surveyed Americans had used massage for treating common medical conditions since 1997, with 62% of this receiving massage from a trained massage therapist. It was even founded that the number of visits to massage therapists exceeded than all other medical treatments providers except chiropractors. Eighty percent of randomly surveyed adults with health insurance claimed that they would be taking massage, making it the most popular of the 11 therapies included in the survey

Despite this growth in the popularity of massage, little is known about the practices and training of licensed massage therapists. The demographic and training characteristics of licensed massage therapists, the reasons patients seek their care, the assessment process massage therapists use during visits, and the treatments and self-care recommendations these therapist provide. Full fledge information about massage efficacy; safety and communication between massage therapists and physicians is of utmost necessity.


Most massage therapists are women that are 85%, and had completed some formal education training. They treated a limited number of conditions, most commonly musculoskeletal especially back, neck, and shoulder problems, wellness care and psychological complaints especially anxiety and depression all through the acupressure points massage. Practitioners commonly used one or more assessment techniques and emphasizing more on deep tissue and trigger or pressure point techniques. Self-care recommendations, including increasing water intake, body awareness, and specific forms of movement, are other highlighted techniques as part of visits. Although most patients are self-referred to massage, the physician direct more than one fourth. Massage therapists do rarely communicate with physicians.


The relevant studies must include the information about the licensed massage therapists that should be useful to physicians and other healthcare providers along with that to the general public who is interested to take a formal training in learning about massage therapy in order to advise their patients about this popular complementary and alternative medical modalities.