Acupressure Pressure Points

Acupressure is applied on the pressure points and this is in order to get relief. Massage is really an effective factor. This stimulates the flow of energy in the meridians or the energy channels to encourage balance and health. As the energy flows into a meridian the same way water flows in a river. If there is any obstruction then that is also led to flow in the same direction. With the effect of the pricking, this obstruction is removed and then flow is continued. This is done with the help of the acupressure when it is done on the pressure points.

Techniques to apply pressure

1. Points are found in between the bones or maybe in the groove in bone.
2. Use the tip of the finger or the index finger or the middle finger in order to apply pressure in the points.
3. Slither your fingers and on the points or along the bones until the deep flange.
4. It should not be pressed much but according to the sensitivity of a person it is to be pressed.
5. Enough pressure is used to feel the tension or hardness. If the pain is too much then it is the inability to take a deep breathe for applying too much pressure.
6. Movement of energy is allowed to steer the depth of pressure. Fingers sink into the point as one applies pressure gradually.
7. Pressure is to be applied to encourage the point to open and to promote the flow of energy.
8. There is a need to massage at the point in circular movements.

Conclusive tips

Most of the people believe that symptoms of illness are obvious in the mind and body when there’s a disproportion in the flow of energy. Consequently by using pressure in order to scatter packed energy and to gather energy to areas of depletion the wellness of pressure is required. Bruising at the acupressure point is usual when too much pressure is applied. Light pressure will be unproductive in liberating deep tension, whereas pressure that’s too painful will cause a astringent retort in the meridian and create muscular tension.