Acupressure Stimulator

To get relief and relaxation for the purpose of the smooth tension free life everyone should know the application of the acupressure stimulator. It is very important to know the pressure points for the independent way to relax. Effects of applying pressure to points on the body considered to trigger relaxation or stimulation according to acupressure techniques. The techniques used in this are very simple. One should not delay in order to get comfort. Stimulate at the pressure points and get the heavenly pleasure.

Acupressure stimulation points are

1. Point at the top of the head.
2. Point at the top of the back of the neck on both sides.
3. On the back of the hands in between the thumb and forefinger
4. Just point below both the knees.
5. On the bottom of the feet and at the center just below the orb of the feet.
Acupressure relaxation points are
1. Point between the eyebrows.
2.Point just behind the earlobes.
3.Position is at the front of the wrists.
4.Point at the lower legs above the ankles and toward the midline.
5.Position is at the top of the feet in between the large and second toes.

In order to know the significance of the stimulator try using it subsequently at tips of the hands or put one of the finger on the ground and use the stimulator on the tip of the other finger then you can know the effect of stimulator. Feel the electric charge on both parts of the body.

Also feel the pathway between the two spots. It can be used on stiff shoulders, tiredness, sleeping problems, and other situations.  Press at least 6 to 12 times in order to get relief. Its purpose is to normalize the acupressure meridians. If the meridian energy flow is lethargic, the stimulator will be a catalyst to speed it up, and if the energy flow in the meridian is too hectic, the stimulator can slow it down. Basically it put on a normal footing in the flow of energy between the meridians in the body. According to Chinese acupressure theory the meridians being “out of balance” can “cause” physical difficulties with particular organs of the bodies associated with specific meridian lines, which flow through the body.  There are 13 meridians, according to Chinese acupressure