Acupressure To Stop Pain

Acupressure first came into being and practiced in India, China, Japan, and Korea. Acupressure is the art only of its type and has been used for centuries to relieve medical problems by applying pressure with the fingers to certain points on the body. Practitioners of the Acupressure believe that there is a flow of energy inside the body that can become blocked, making one feel sad, frustrated, or anxious, or causing physical pain, such as a headache. Specific pressure is applied on the body to unblock that energy and allow it to flow freely.


According to healing traditions of the eastern, the energy inside your body flows along different pathways, called meridians. Starting from fingertips they are connected to the brain and to all the different parts and organ of the body. Along these meridians lie several pressure points. These acupressure points are like small pools of energy. The points are identified by either numbers and or by the organs to which they are connected. Like the point spleen six is the sixth acupressure point on the spleen meridian. An acupressure practitioner uses the thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to each point at least for three minutes.

Acupressure session

During an acupressure session, fully dressed the patient or the person intending to have acupressure massage, lies on the table. An acupressure practitioner chooses different points of the body to press on gently, depending on the symptoms of pain or aches. The practitioner should make sure that his clients feels the pressure of the fingers applied by him or her but at the same time one should also take care that the fingers by which he is applying the pressure should not hurt and prick the client.

The acupressure sessions must be of 60 minutes or it becomes tiresome for the client and the practitioner as well. It may lead to applying wrong pressure and amount which can be further fatal. Many people need more than sixty minutes of the acupressure for them the sessions could be broke into more than one session. A best course of treatment may involve seeing an acupressure practitioner once a week for six visits.