Acupressure Training Facility

Reflexology, Acupressure and Medical Qi Gong together form a complete medical system, which is used to analyze, evaluate and treat the disease. It is effectual for physical, psychological and emotional problems. This course integrates these systems in an innovative way that allows the beginner and the seasoned aficionado to reach an advanced level of application.

Art of acupressure

Within the ear, hand and foot there exist nerve multiple connections with the central nervous system. Every tissue, organ and part of the body corresponds to an auricular point and acupressure point on the hands and feet as all the tissues, organs, glands are diverse body parts and are interlinked by a web of energy pathways that reflect the health or disease state of each organ system and body on a whole. If the organ is diseased, the energy level is disrupted and the relevant acupressure points become painful or very sensitive. Through a combination of acupressure point therapy, hand and foot reflexology, one can tap into a powerful healing system bringing the body back into a state of homeostasis. Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses mainly on the signs and symptoms of a diseased organ this technique treats the person in mind and therefore finds cause of the disease. Preventive health care and not just “quick-fix ” solutions has been an aspect of the attraction of acupressure training facility.

Aim of institute

The institute aims at teaching:

* Ancient philosophies of Chinese Medicine and compare them to conventional medicine.
* The emotional and physical causes of stress and effects on the organ systems.
* The role of Qi or Ki as the force of healing the disease.
* The location, function and healing properties of the acupressure points of the ear, hand and foot.
* The different systems of hand manipulations and physical tools.
* To assess and analyze a patient’s condition and plan a treatment strategy.
* An advanced system of evaluating and treating common and difficult conditions by simply looking at the body.
* The self-care techniques for hands, feet and the whole body.
* To practice Medical Qi Gong for vitality, longevity and the better effectiveness of treatment.