Acupressure Weight Loss- Can Be Done Through Ear And Ankle

Acupressure weight loss can be done through the ear. Let us begin with Appetite Control ear point. This appetite control point can help avoid overeating as well. Begin the acupressure session stimulating the point in the ear. Appetite control point is located in the ear.  While looking in a mirror one can place fingers on jaw, in front of the ears. Open and close mouth a few times until the jawbone moving underneath the fingers. Put one finger where the movement of the jaw most. The finger should be placed right next to a little fleshy protrusion of the ear. By grabbing this part of the ear with thumb and index finger and press with steady pressure.

Another point for weight loss
Spleen has a strengthening effect on the digestive system. This point is located on the inside portion of leg which is above the anklebone. From the middle of the anklebone, slip up four finger widths. The point is just off the bone that is toward the back of the leg. After getting it, press with thumb or knuckle. Increase pressure until it is quite firmly, hold about a minute and then gradually release. This point is not for pregnant women.

The best point
Stomach is the best point to nourish the soul and blood. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive system too. Stomach is an important point for clearing excess damp and phlegm. It is also useful for eliminating excess weight. Large Intestine is useful for clearing excess heat and damp from the body and to regulate intestinal activity. Liver prevents soul stagnation in the body and is the most important point for combating stress as well.

Another point is located at the outer end of the elbow crease on the thumb side. Hold arm in front of the chest just as holding a cup in hand. The point is at the outside end of the crease on the arm at the elbow joint. Another way to find it is to note the length of the thumb from the tip to the first joint, after that move this distance up from the outside tip of the elbow bone toward the crease lines at the elbow joint. Hold left hand close to the chest and use firm pressure with the right thumb. Just put press for about a minute and then switch arms.
End Acupressure session by again motivating the appetite control point on both ears.