Acupressure What Is- Traditional Method Of Recovery

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine technique based on the same ideas as of acupuncture. Acupressure involves placing physical pressure by hand, elbow or with the aid of various devices on unusual acupuncture points on the surface of the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine does not usually operate within a scientific model. But some flocks make efforts to bring practices into an evidence-based medicine framework. Acupressure is a science, which deals with the human body and the flow of natural energy within the body. It is a science and there is zero supernatural or magical about acupressure. This medical science is practiced with the use of only one human tool and that is the thumb. Pressure is applied on different pressure points of the body by stimulating the corresponding glands of the body.

How does it work?
Acupressure balances the body’s energy through applying pressure to specific points with the energy channels. The term “pressure” is confusing. In view of the fact that acupressure actually uses a very light touch. A practitioner uses the fingertips to make contact with the body. It is the location of the contact that’s important and not the amount of pressure. Few people who likes firm and strong pressure, especially in areas where muscles are tight. A practitioner can adjust the amount of pressure to suit a customer’s personal preference. But the effectiveness of the work does not depend on the pressure.

Light touch affects the balance of energy
Our soft internal organ systems are connected with the exterior of our bodies like the bones, muscles and flesh by a series of major energy channels. Thousands of years ago, Asian cultures recognized locations on the body where such energy pathways are close to the surface. In fact, these points can now be located with electronic point finders that measure electrical skin resistance as well. Acupressure points have a lower electrical confrontation than the surrounding skin.

Little history
In Chinese medicine energy and blood are closely related. The energy channels are pathways for both soul and blood. When a finger touches an acupressure point the energy flowing in the channel is involved to the surface. An acupressure practitioner will hold a point until pulsation is felt. When energy is engrossed to the surface, the flow of blood increases at that location and the pulse is felt. The pulse is a proof that the energy is now flowing.