Acupuncture a Big Help in Male Infertility

When dealing with fertility problems so often couples find it more common that it is a problem of the women. When investigation fertility issues the women is usually put through the routine examinations and uncomfortable tests first and then if it is ruled out that she is the source of the problem her partner is then tested. It is unfortunate that is the way things get done since with the man one simple test will let the health care provider know it they are at the root of the problem even if the answers why come later. If it turns out the problem in conceiving rests with the man acupuncture may still be an answer. The deciding factor on whether to try acupuncture treatments is what the health care provider says about the problem. If it appears that it is not structural, meaning there it is not something physically damaged; acupuncture may be able to help with count and motility. These terms refer to how many and how well they move around. Acupuncture has also been shown to increase the number of healthy sperm produced.

Anyone who has experienced fertility treatments know that they are emotionally, physically and finically draining. That is why if there are alternatives they are worth exploring before getting involved in expensive treatments that are not always successful. Men are just as likely to improve by acupuncture treatments as are their partners so why not give it a try. A recent study was conducted on men with poor sperm count and/or poor quality sperm. To start with they took samples before the beginning of the study. Samples are always taken after a three day period of no sexual activity. One sample was taken before the study began and then another after the treatment period was over. Treatments lasted for five weeks with two sessions weekly.

Success of the study was characterized in two ways. One was to see improvement over the course of the treatment and another was to see improvement in comparison to a control group. In the group who received acupuncture treatments motility increased by forty four to fifty percent. The results of the control group were an average increase of only thirty four percent. As well the percentage of sperm that were healthy and so better quality and more likely to be able to be successful in conception increased. After ten appointments the improvement was four times as many good sperm as previously. As well the number of sperm was way up. It was a considerable improvement over the control group.

The conclusions of the researchers was obvious but nonetheless a breakthrough for many infertile men. Acupuncture would increase count, it would increase motility and it would make more healthy sperm. With such a winning combination the men treated would have a much higher chance of impregnating their partners then previously. The cost of acupuncture in comparison to fertility treatments is minimal when you consider the thousands of dollars couple spend on trying to conceive.