Acupuncture Can Be Used to Help Animals

Acupuncture, the process by where thin needles are inserted under the skin for medicinal purposes, is not only useful for people but is being used to treat certain similar conditions of which animals suffer as well. The acupuncture can help to relieve the pain of arthritis or other injury. If your veterinarian offers you this possibility in treatment they will first need a complete history of the animal including medical conditions, any family history you have and even the pet’s eating habits. They will want to know every specific about the problem you have brought your pet with and if the animal has ever suffered from cancer.

Depending on what the vet thinks will help the treatment can last from a matter of seconds up to a half hour. The frequency of these treatments, from one to three times weekly, will also be determined based on how the animal reacts to the acupuncture. Usually the treatments need last no more than a couple months. After which there would be a maintenance treatment every few months. It is not necessarily a cure, but it is a definitely something that can improve the quality of life for a pet suffering from painful arthritis. Your vet will decide whether the mediation they take needs to be continued or can be stopped. Do not make that decision yourself.

When it comes to helping dogs acupuncture has had fairly good results. Studies have shown that many different conditions have been helped. This includes, but is not limited to, respiratory conditions, skin conditions, gastrointestinal disorders, heart problems, and reproductive problems, conditions of the muscles or bones and disorders of the nervous system.

Horses have benefited from the use of acupuncture. The worst problem that a horse can have is difficulty walking. An animal that suffers from persistent lameness leaves the owner with few choices. Often it can be very costly surgery or having them put down. This is especially a problem for racehorse owners. A horse that can no longer run must fit into the breeding program. A horse that can no longer walk fits no program. This treatment is having huge success in treating lameness and the pain that accompanies it. It has become very common among large racing stables.

Certified veterinary acupuncturists have had success with many different horse ailments including laminitis, navicular disease and stomach ulcers. They have also helped problems that are more stress related like cribbing, hives and general the nervousness that some animals experience.

The odd time acupuncture can have some negative effects on your pet. The fact that the pain lessens could encourage them to use an injured area more than they should and so reinjure it or simply damage it more. As well, sometimes needles can break or be placed poorly and cause other injury. This only happens very rarely and truthfully if your vet thinks they can help ease the pain that your pet is suffering from then this type of treatment is worth considering no matter what type of animal you have.