Acupuncture Helping Stroke Rehabilitation

Acupuncture is a method which more people are using to treat more unusual and difficult problems. The medical establishment is becoming more accepting of this alternative medicine because they are seeing results that they truly had not expected. So is the public, who doubted Chinese traditional medicine until they began to read reports of its success or talk to peers who embarrassedly told them how well their own experiences with acupuncture had gone. Unlike only a few years ago most people in the United States would now be able to say that they knew someone who has had acupuncture and been satisfied with the results of it. As the studies continue more conditions, illnesses and disorders are being treated with acupuncture. Now there is evidence that treating those who have suffered from strokes with acupuncture is likely to help increase their mobility and function that much sooner.

Conducting research on something as delicate as on how to treat those who have suffered a stroke can be a difficult process. After all it means giving one group their regular medical care and another extra medical care when all of the people are suffering from a condition that requires them to have as much early intervention as is possible. Nonetheless studies have been done and the outcomes are encouraging when you recognize that in the United States alone at least half a million people and potentially as many as seven hundred and fifty thousand people will have a stroke every year.

When acupuncture is used to treat stroke victims the needles are inserted in the limbs that have been affected. If a person has become paralyzed on one side of their body then that is where the needles will be inserted. If it is the face, legs, hands, or whatever else could be affected by the stroke that is where the needles must be inserted. These insertion points will be picked based on individual cases though people with similar problems will have the same treatments.

To get a clearer idea of the results of acupuncture treatments of those who have had major strokes comparisons were made starting at the very first day they entered care. They are measured not only for function but for mobility and the ability to conduct normal daily living actions. It was found that those who had acupuncture treatments increased their ability by eleven percent. These treatments were given to patients in conjunction with normal rehabilitative care. It appears that being able to move better in and out of the shower or bath and use of the toilet were things that improved for those partaking in acupuncture therapy. These are important areas of success.

It disturbs some researchers when working on acupuncture studies because sometimes it is difficult to get clear results. Acupuncture can show such subtle changes that only the patient may feel, but that only after time do they become obvious. Yet, any improvements when dealing with the difficulties of stroke recovery are a major consideration.