Acupuncture Points on the Meridian

When trying to learn more about the acupuncture points that were used before a person will become aware that the original number of points was based on the days of the year. There were three hundred and sixty five points in the early period of acupuncture. The acupuncture points in a person’s body are positioned along the meridian lines. When preparing a map of the points one would begin with the fourteen original meridian lines. There were this many lines because each one is connected to one of the organs of the body. There are also two more, one for the spine and the other representing the conception vessel of the abdomen. This is how it began, but times have added more knowledge to the acupuncturist’s abilities and now there are more meridians. Each one has some points that are used commonly while other acupuncture points on the meridians are used less frequently as they are completely dependent on what is being treated for the patient. Most times the need falls on the fourteen original lines. No matter which points are used the reasoning is always the same. Acupuncture will rebalance the body’s energy and so restore it to health.

The points on the meridian are given names based on which meridian they are on, the number of points on their meridian, and two letters, they also have a Chinese name. For example the point on the back of a person’s hand that is the webbing between the index finger and the thumb is referred to as number four of twenty as well as L14 or Hegu. This point is used in pain relief. It can also be used help relieve constipation or sore throats. This point is on the Large Intestine Meridian.

If it is depression you want to help then the point to use is on the Heart Meridian. It is the spot that is on the outside of either wrist and is called point seven of nine as well as HT7 or Shenmen. This point will assist with problems related to depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, sleep disorders, bad dreams and irritability. The point behind the knee is on the Urinary Bladder Meridian and can help with back pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and hip or leg pain. On the Spleen Meridian, the point barely above the ankle on the inside of the leg is what the acupuncturist would use to relive problems related to the digestive system or to the hormonal system. It can help with irregular periods or impotence.

Sometimes these points are used together to work through problems that might need a little more help. The Conception Vessel Meridian would be the place to start with the problem of bedwetting by using several points along its line. But it would also use ones from the Urinary Bladder, Spleen, Kidney, Lung and Stomach Meridians. Therefore when a child came into for acupuncture treatment for their bedwetting the points used would likely be CV6, CV4, BL23, SP6, ST36, LU7, and K13. There are so many points that can do so much to help.