Aerobic moves: “perfect steps for that healthy workout”

It’s a very well accepted fact that exercise makes a person stay and feel healthier irrespective of ageing and other natural changes. Aerobics as well as any other form of exercise helps the person in maintaining a very effective body structure. But performing a particular piece of exercise doesn’t necessarily means good health and healthy life. To get the desired benefits one has to perform it in a proper manner with those perfect steppings or moves. Aerobic moves matters a lot at the time of performing it because a single wrong move can badly damage the persons overall body alignment. In order to avoid such adverse situations it is very essential to make each and every move the right one with proper guidance from an experienced instructor or fitness expert.

Some of the steps to ensure that perfect move

As mentioned above a wrong aerobic move can sometimes prove dangerous, hence it is quite important to follow the strict guidelines of an experienced fitness expert while performing any sort of exercise. The following are some of the basic steps which if followed effectively and sincerely can help a person get the desired results:

* There should be a locking of the knees and the elbows. The knees and elbows must be kept soft.
* The body should be kept in a neutral position without much arching or rounding the back.
* The abdominal muscles must be kept very tight.
* The kicks made should be low kicks.
* The music in the room must be in between 122 to 128 bpm which helps in completing each move in a proper form.
* In case of doing high impact footwork stress should be made on keeping light at the balls of the feet. This can be done by imagining that the surface is made up of glass.
* The legs should convert into a shock absorber.
* The knees must not be allowed to extend past the toes.
* The knees should always be placed in the same direction as the toes.
* The repeater moves should be at minimum 1 minute intervals
* One must see to it that there should not be step forward of the board.
* The whole foot should be kept on the board with no toes or heels hanging over.

If all the above mentioned steps are followed sincerely and with strict routine then getting all the desired outcomes from a particular aerobic dance or exercise will not at all be a big task.