Aerobic Routines

Aerobics exercise promotes cardiovascular fitness and helps in sustaining an elevated heart rate. It includes endurance exercises in the form of running, swimming and cycling which allow increased amounts of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles that are being used. Over the years, aerobics gained in popularity. This has led to the mushrooming of aerobic centers all over. Step aerobic routine, jazz dance exercise and aerobics dance set to aerobic music are offshoots of the aerobic exercise routine. Aerobic water routine is another interesting aerobic routine!

Step Aerobic Routine – Step aerobics routine is a good calorie-burning workout. A typical class of step aerobic routine that goes on for 50 minutes, helps to burn off 250-400 calories but can vary depending on the level of exertion. There is an option of adjusting the step aerobic intensity by a higher step. A session of step aerobics can be started as a 20-minute session and then increased to an hour, once muscles and heart become used to the workout. A step aerobic routine involves intensive lower body workout while making use of a step to increase muscle conditioning. The perfect posture for a step aerobic session is head up, shoulders down and tight back, butt and abs.

Aerobic dance routine – aerobic dance routine follows aerobic music which follows a pattern of 3 big melodic phases which are based on 32 beats. This pattern is designed for aerobic dance as it is characterized by a series of waves. The beat per minute of the aerobic music should be synchronized to the heartbeats. The tempo of the aerobic music should be suitable for a workout and not very fast. The music for aerobic warm ups and cool downs is paced at about 140 beats per minute.

Water aerobic routine – A typical water aerobic routine lasts for about 45 minutes and involves warm-up, cool-down and stretching exercises. Advanced water aerobics will involve dance and calisthenics movements performed with or without music. Jogging, kicking and jumping also make good aqua aerobic exercise routines. Each aerobic exercise in water should be held for around 20 -60 seconds. Also, rhythmic breathing is important for any good aqua aerobic exercise.