Aerobic Wear

Show your Attitude.

Clothing worn during exercise is as important as the exercise. A well fitted outfit can make difference between a good or bad workout.

Some activities require specific clothing. Buying and wearing the right clothing is a great responsibility while we learn a particular activity.

What is Aerobic Wear?

The clothes worn during an aerobic routine is basically known as aerobic wear. It holds a great significance. Aerobic clothing is essentially the fitness clothing available in markets.

Aerobic wear should be chosen with proper care. It should be well fitted and apart from that it should provide flexibility and sweat absorbing features.

One need not buy special clothing but the clothes should be as comfortable as possible. Clothing worn should be breathable (i.e. it allows air circulation through the cloth and around the body). Several light layers work better than one heavier layer. Each layer serves a purpose:

The layer closest to the skin should wick moisture away from your body.

The second layer should provide warmth and support to keep the body comfortable during movements.

The outermost layer should provide protection from wind and rain (without holding sweat next to the skin).

Some important aspects in aerobic wear are:

* Shoes
Legs are the part of the body which is the most important during aerobics.
Proper care should be taken while selecting shoes. An aerobic shoe is one which provides support and cushioning. A running shoe or cross trainers should do the trick.
Shoes should be replaced often if used regularly.

* Sports bra ( for women)
Sports bras are designed to provide support to women’s breasts and minimize breast
movement while exercising or playing sports. No usage of sports bra may cause
irreversible damage to breast ligaments. It should be chosen according to the support
required in a particular activity. Aerobics is a high impact activity and requires higher

Experiment with clothing to find what works best for you. It may differ from person to