Alcohol Drug Detox Tips

Detox is the process by which unwanted toxins and waste materials are flushed away from the body. These toxins accumulate in the body due to variety of reasons. In this case due to prolonged and excessive consumption of alcohol, alcoholic residue materials are left behind and often tend to affect the liver. The use of certain drugs can leave such deadly toxins behind, that not only creates a dependency on the drug but also over time can prove fatal.

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Alcohol Detox

Recognizing one’s inability to control one’s intake is the first step towards alcoholic rehabilitation and eventual alcohol detox process. The ultimate objective of alcohol detox is to make the patient completely independent form alcohol if they are dependent on alcohol, and help them to reduce their consumption if they are not dependent and just moderate consumers of alcohol. At the same time the detox program helps them deal with and overcome the ir withdrawal symptoms which can be quite severe at times. These symptoms can either be physical or psychological. In the case of physical symptoms, medicated substances are given to break the dependency of alcohol on the individual. These medicines create unpleasant and nauseated feelings each time alcohol is consumed and hence the individual develops a natural dislike for alcohol. Psychological issues are dealt with by psychiatrists and address the root causes for the addiction of the patient.

Drug Detox

Drug detox is often more cumbersome, laborious and difficult for the concerned individual to undergo. The drug withdrawal symptoms are sometimes severe and include hallucinations, excessive sweating, trembling, and a feeling of paranoia. Some drugs such as heroin and methadone require medications to help the patients overcome their addictions. on the other hand drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth and marijuana require medications to help overcome their addictive nature.

Alcohol and drug detox programs are most often carried out in medical facilities to monitor against any severe and unwanted side effects and at the same time provide for excellent medical supervision. It is essential for the families of those undergoing alcohol and drug detox programs to be supportive and sympathetic towards the concerned individuals needs throughout and even after the program.