Alleviate Excessive Sweating With Colon Cleanses

What does a colon cleanse have to do with getting rid of your excessive sweating problem, you might ask? Everything! Sure, the areas where you sweat, probably underneath your arms and perhaps your back, are far removed from your colon and thus it appears unlikely that something as far removed as your colon will somehow affect the way your armpits feel. Yet this is fallacious thinking in that it entirely negates the fact that bodily functions and the internal workings of the human body are intricately interconnected.

While sweating is a normal condition that is healthy and indeed supports the physical body, the presence of foul odors or the over stimulation of the sweat glands is not normal and instead may be related to toxins that are coursing through your body. These toxins may be found in a variety of different locations, but your gastrointestinal tract is a very likely culprit. Consider the fact that what the average American consumes is quite commonly loaded with toxins, such as pesticides, remnants of commercial fertilizer, growth hormones found in cattle and other animals that are being consumed, and also antibiotics given to these animals, and it is not surprising that over time this toxicity begins to build up.

Since the American diet is notoriously low in fiber and exercise is much talked about yet rarely performed, it is not surprising that colons throughout the nation are gradually becoming breeding grounds of dangerous bacteria and even viruses, while cases of Candida are erupting. Gut flora is imbalanced, the digestive process no longer operates as efficiently as it is designed to do, and fecal matter is beginning to compact inside the colon. Over time, the buildup of fecal matter that has not been evacuated will provide even more space for toxins to develop and before long you will have these toxins being released into your body on a daily basis. As you body is trying to fight them and rid itself of them, it will most likely try to sweat them out – thus you will be faced with odiferous sweat that simply does not seem to stop.

A colon cleanse may be the answer to your sweating problem! Alleviating excessive sweating with colon cleanses is as simple as removing the buildup of fecal matter inside your colon. Several supplements are available that not only help your body to liquefy the hardened substances but which will also provide that extra push to evacuate the mess. Once the fecal matter leaves your body, the toxins will be leaving with it, and you will find that the cycle is broken. While it may still take a few days after your colon cleanse for the body to sweat out the remaining toxins, within a week the odiferous sweating should have stopped and you should be going back to sweating normally and only when conditions warrant it. Capitalize on your cleansed colon by changing your dietary habits to reflect a healthier lifestyle filled with whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables and plenty of clean water!