Alternative Remedies for Bad Breath

Have you been told that you have bad breath? Have you made sure that you have good dental hygiene and would like to explore some alternative ways to prevent or cure bad breath? Here are some alternative treatments that you can try to take care of your bad breath problems.

Many individuals would rather cure bad breath from the comforts of home where it is less embarrassing. Some home remedies may not be scientifically proven so always explore and do research before trying any of them. Your dentist is a good source of information when it comes to bad breath. If you are ready to learn some alternative treatments then read on.

Many home remedies have been passed on from generation to generation. Others are cultural in nature and have also been passed on from family member to family member. Community members have passed along other home remedies. Many of the ingredients needed for home remedies for bad breath can be found right in your kitchen or available at the corner store.

Many home remedies use herbs to get rid of bad breath. Common herbs that are used include parsley, which is especially used when food has been determined to be the root cause of the bad breath. Foods that contain onions and garlic are especially notorious for producing bad breath. Parsley is one of the best-known “natural deodorizers” known to mankind. To use this home remedy – chew on some parsley leaves to give your breath a new freshness and boost your mineral content of your diet. The parsley you chew must be fresh and not dried.

Sage is another herb used to freshen your breath. This is good for when you suffer from a sinus infection and have excess mucus or saliva in your mouth. Sage is used to reduce gingivitis another source for bad breath.

Cloves are known to purify the mouth and have been used in mouthwashes.

Myrrh as an essential oil can be used to cure bad breath, gingivitis, colds and sinus infections all of which can contribute to bad breath.

You can make up a lemon mixture that is sipped all day and is reported to make a good cure for bad breath. Take one fresh lemon and add a little sugar to the juice from it. Add a pinch of salt and then dilute it with water.

You can make a natural gargle that will rid you of bad breath by taking 3 parts of fresh peppermint leaves to 2 parts of water. You then grind this mixture in a blender until you have a thick liquid. Gargle one cup of this mixture every day for an entire week. By the end of the wee your breath should be fresh. Make sure you store the mixture in the refrigerator in a tightly sealed container because if you don’t it will spoil. You will need to make a fresh batch every other day.

Make sure that when you use these alternative methods that you are not ignoring good dental hygiene.