Aromatherapy and Acne

Acne can be a very devastating illness. The correct term is Acne Vulgaris that basically means, “common acne”. It is believed that Acne is the result of overactive sebaceous glands that in turn clog hair follicles. This results in bacteria forming and growing at the base of the gland and in turn the resulting pimple forms. Common Acne isn’t limited to the face either, it may occur on the back, shoulders, and chest. Acne may result in boil like cysts but most always the sufferer is left with a host of unsightly scars.

The cause of Acne isn’t always determined, but there are a variety of causes known to be behind the condition. First, it appears that hereditary plays an important factor. This may be due to the fact that the localized infection takes place at the hair root, and many people have similar hair types in a family. It may also be that some hair follicles are more susceptible to infection than others. Another reason may be that overactive Sebaceous glands may be passed from parent to child as well.

Hormones and their fluctuations also play a factor in Acne. This is evident by the fact that many adolescents experience Acne due to the fact that their hormones are fluctuating.

Some medications are also known to trigger Acne and should be avoided if at all possible. Steroids are also a culprit. The most damaging factor about Acne may not be the resulting scars to the face, but the potentially damaging effect of the scars that will be left on the person’s self esteem. Since most people experience Acne during the vulnerable teen age years, while the sense of self is still developing, Acne may make a person feel isolated, and at worse, they may become ridiculed for their appearance. This can be extremely devastating to a young person and may lead to more serious complications such as depression and severe low self-esteem.

One of the major reasons for the low self-esteem comes from misunderstanding as to the cause of Acne. Many people mistakenly believe that Acne is the result of dirt or poor hygiene. This simply isn’t the case. The infection is actually caused at the hair follicle level, and this is layers below the top surface of the skin. It is impossible to “wash” away the infection that causes Acne.

Once however, the infection causes pimples to appear above the surface, studies have found that it is beneficial to treat the pimples as they show. It is important to remember that Acne is actually a localized infection and needs to be treated as such. Acne responds greatly to antibacterial remedies as well as antibiotics. Aromatherapy has also been beneficial for treating Acne. There are many herbs and plants that have natural antiseptic and antiviral qualities, and these may be used without fear of any ill or negative side effects. One of the best herbs recommended for the treatment of Acne is Tea Tree oil. Tea Tree oil is grown in Australia and has wonderful antiseptic properties. You can make a wonderful cream that you may apply to the affected area by blending 1 ounce carrier oil, such as Apricot oil wit 10 drops of Lavender, 7 drops of Tea Tree, and 1 drop of Geranium oil. Blend thoroughly and store in an amber colored bottle.