Aromatherapy and Home Made Air Fresheners

When is the last time you smelled your house? No, I mean, really smelled it. The way it smells to those who are coming to visit and knocking on your door for the first time. We live in our homes; cook in our homes, and often times, we become desensitized to the scent of our homes. The best way to determine what your house really smells like is to leave your home, maybe run errands or go shopping, and then when you return. Truly smell your home. If you don’t like what your senses tell you, then you may need to rethink your choice of air fresheners.

Usually, when people choose air fresheners, they simple go to the grocery store and purchase one of the products available on the shelves. Yet many of the aerosol or pump spray choices of air fresheners may not be the best choice. Many people who have allergies are sensitive to air fresheners that contain a lot of chemicals. Aromatherapy offers many benefits to those who are looking for more options in the area of home scents. There are many different reasons why people choose Aromatherapy, for stress reduction, healing from herbal essences, and to achieve balance between body, mind, and spirit. Yet one of the overall benefits of Aromatherapy is just that: Aroma Therapy. By using Aromatherapy and creating your own home made air fresheners, you will have the benefits of beautifully fragranced aromas (that you have selected) as well as the therapeutic benefits that are inherent to those herbs.

You can make your own air fresheners, easily, simply, and affordably. With over 150 essential oils to choose from, you can make many different fresheners as well. Essential herbs range in properties from being antiseptic to instilling feelings of joy, love, and happiness. You can mix and match different blends to make your very own customized scents as well.

To create the base for your air freshener you will need an empty bottle, one with a spray or pump nozzle, 1 ½ ounces. of distilled water and 1 ½ ounces of high proof alcohol such as Vodka. Next you will need to add 30-50 drops of your selected essential oil. Due to the fact that the air freshener may possibly make contact with skin and clothes, make sure that you choose essential oils that are safe for skin.

Now comes the fun part: choosing oils for your air fresheners. You can select simple oils that you associate with air fresheners such as Orange, Rose, and Cinnamon, etc. or you may choose other scents based upon their intrinsic qualities, and you may blend various oils as well.

If someone is sick, you may want to create an air freshener that has antiseptic properties. Eucalyptus has a very strong and overpowering aroma, yet it will help disinfect a sick room, so if you are looking for other healing properties, you may create a Eucalyptus/Camphor blend for a sick room, instead of using an air freshener that will simply make the room smell pleasant.

Patchouli is another powerful herb that has a very characteristic scent. Yet, when you are creating your own air fresheners, you have the freedom and creativity to create any blend that you choose.