Aromatherapy’s First Aid Kit

Every good mother understands the importance of carrying a first aid kit. You never know when your child may fall down, scrape their knee, or need an antiseptic. The importance of antiseptics and health is prevalent in our society. Products from kitchen cleaners to body scrubs contain antiseptic and germ killing properties. The number one rule of health is hand washing, and this is still the number one way to fight illness and disease. Hand washing is important after using the restroom, handling meat and other items in the kitchen, and when taking care of or in close association with other people.

Killing germs, bacteria, and virus is very important to preventing the spread of sicknesses such as Staph, Strep, and viruses. Before there was Clorox and Lysol, many people relied upon the use of natural plants and herbs for their antiseptic properties. These plants and herbs are just as effective today in treating germs and killing them, as they were hundreds of years ago. Some of the most common herbs that have natural antiseptic properties include: Barberry, Beth Root, Black Walnut, Buchu, Echinacea, Garlic, Goldenseal, Chaparral, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Nettle, Plantain, Rosemary, White Oak, Thyme, Saw Palmetto, and Oregon Grape Root. These herbs also have natural antibiotic properties as well. These herbs help prevent the growth and spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs.

Bacteria grow in a moist environment. This is why when your child gets a cut or a scrape, the body is now open and has created the perfect environment for bacterial growth. By applying an antiseptic solution to the wound immediately will help prevent the growth of bacteria. Bacteria will also grow in places such as your kitchen counter, sink, and even your kitchen sponge. That is why it is important that you consistently use antibacterial and antiseptic products in your home.

Some of the most common antiseptics that are used today in a variety of products include alcohol, benzalkonim chloride (a common skin disinfectant), boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, phenol, sodium chloride, and sodium hypochlorite. Along with these chemical solutions, you can create many of your own herbal remedies that have just as many antiseptic properties by using the plants that are known to be effective germ fighters. Many of the natural antiseptics may be used to treat conditions such as mouth sores, gingivitis, wound and cut cleaning, yeast infections, and for disinfecting the house.

Aromatherapy is a powerfully effective tool that can assist you in your germ killing fight. You can create your own healthy sprays and disinfectants. You can also burn aromatherapy candles that have natural antiseptic properties. There are also many herbs that are natural insect repellants. You can make air fresheners with the oils of plants that will repel insects. These aromatic sprays are much more then air fresheners they are disinfectants, germ killers, and insect repellants.

You can make your own portable first aid antiseptic kit that you can carry in your purse. This is the perfect remedy for treating cuts and wounds when you are out and about and may not have immediate access to soap, water, and other disinfectants. To make your own first aid kit, use antiseptic Lavender, Manuka, and Tea Tree. Tea Tree is one of the most powerful antiseptic herbs. It grows in Australia and is an excellent antibiotic and antiseptic.