Athletes Must Beware Of Colon Cleanses and Fad Diets

Athletes are thought to get away with a multitude of nutritional sins. After all, what harm will it do to the track star to indulge in a fast food meal deal that will directly make it to your hips and thighs? Yet the reality is very different, and anyone who is an athlete or knows one is well aware that far too many are putting their lives at risk day in and day out with colon cleanses, body cleanses, liver detox regimens, and fad diets that claim to help build muscle and reduce overall body fat.

Athleticism is a world characterized by always being on the lookout for the next record, a faster sprint, a quicker reflex, more endurance, and less fatigue. Yet there is only so far the human body may be pushed and many a time an athlete is not content with the amount of pushing her or his body is enduring and instead of gradually shaping and working the body the athlete may choose to find that extra bit of boost in a bottle of supplements. While steroids are the most well known and notorious of all substances, they are by no means the most dangerous.

Yes, they will cause death and destruction and slowly rot the body from the inside out, but fad diets are also to blame. How often have you known and athlete who will ingest protein to the exclusion of all other food groups? In times gone by hailed as being the surefire way of developing extra muscle mass, it has become known that the protein – while healthy at normal levels – will adversely affect the kidneys and also the liver when overdone. Several supplement manufacturers are quick to point out that there are liver and even kidney detox programs available, yet they are more of a band aid on a problem that is not dealt with and before long even the detoxification will lose its magic.

Colon cleansers are offered to athletes in the hopes of shaving off that extra pound in a short period of time. Usually done before a sporting event, the practice has led to the abuse of laxative containing substances and thus in the long term is fostering the colon’s dependence on such laxatives for proper voiding. In addition to the foregoing, some of the supplements used are harsh because the weight loss is to be effected virtually overnight, and thus it is not uncommon for the athlete to spend the night before the big event bent over with severe cramping and abdominal pain. Profuse sweating and allergic reactions quite often accompany such regimens which also send large amounts of toxins into the bloodstream. Thus, the liver and kidneys are now also becoming stressed. Due to the heavy sweating, the electrolytes inside the athlete’s system are no longer in balance, and quite possibly a good amount of potassium is being flushed out of the system. The heat of the next day and the exertion will lead to a quicker fatiguing of the bodily systems and in some cases may even cause heart attacks since the electric impulses that keep the heart muscle stimulated no longer have sufficient electrolytes to keep working.