Bad Breath in Kids: What to Do

You may not think that kids are prone to bad breath, but think again! Bad breath can affect people of all ages, even kids. However, many times when kids have bad breath it is usually because there is something else going on—not because they ate onion rings at lunch.

If your child gives you a big kiss and you want to hurl, then it is time to take action. You need to define the reason why your kid does not have sweet breath and then take action. If all else fails, bad breath may be a sign that you need to head to the dentist, or in some cases, your pediatrician.

Why do kids have bad breath? There are several reasons why kids may have bad breath. In some cases, it is simply because they have not learned or practiced proper oral hygiene. Other times, it is because they have some kind of medical condition, such as tonsillitis or upper respiratory infection.

When you think your little sweetie may have bad breath because of improper brushing techniques, then it is something that you can change. You can take the time to teach your child how to brush and how long to brush. Make sure you have a toothbrush that fits into their hand and that they have toothpaste that they like to use. In addition, flossers are great for kids. They are hand held and kids can reach those hard to get spots.

Another reason why your child may have bad breath is gum disease or tooth decay. Actually, tooth decay is quite prevalent among children and it can certainly cause bad breath. You may not see the cavity lurking back there, but if brushing fails to banish the bad breath, then it may be time to head to your dentist for a complete check up and a cleaning of the teeth and gums.

Of course, another reason why your child may have really bad breath is because they have a sinus infection or even tonsillitis. When mucus sits in the back of the nasal cavity and in the throat, it can certainly cause bad breath. Allergies can also do the very same thing. When your child wakes up in the morning and is congested, bad breath may present. If your child seems to be feeling under the weather, then that may be the reason for the bad breath.

Now that you know why your child may have bad breath, you need to know what to do. Brushing with the right tools is the most important and regular trips to the dentist will also help. Your child should see the dentist twice a year without fail. Next, you will need to treat allergies or other infections if this is the cause. Allergy medications and antibiotics can help clear up the infection and the bad breath, too. Warm salt water rinses are good for a quick fix as are sugar-less gums and mints, although these should never substitute for proper dental hygiene and care.