Bad Breath: Reason to Stop Smoking

You know that smoking is bad for your health. It can cause lung cancer and a lot of other problems. It can also cause problems with your mouth. Bad breath, halitosis and even oral cancer are all problems associated with smoking. So you know that smoking is bad for you—why not stop now and prevent future problems?

Problems with smoking: There are many problems associated with smoking. For one, you can get a whole host of medical issues. When you think about that, you will want to stop smoking. Strokes, lung cancer, heart disease and upper respiratory problems are all common. You can also develop skin cancer and cancer in your mouth. Even if you don’t smoke, you can develop problems associated with second hand smoking. No one needs to tell you that it is bad for you.

Problems in your mouth: Now think about your mouth. Smoking can cause serious problems with your gums and teeth. Who wants to get close to a smoker mouth? When you smoke, you can easily get stained teeth. The yellowing is almost impossible to remove, even with a good cleaning from your dentist. Have you ever heard of a hairy tongue? It can happen when you smoke. Brown hairy tongue, in fact. It is yucky and is causes bad breath. Long term smoking will also cause tooth decay and gum diseases.

Losing teeth when you smoke: If it is not a big enough problem to have bad breath, then think about the health of your teeth. Gum disease is a major problem among smokers. Gum disease can be mild or serious, but if you let it go, it will certainly lead to tooth lose. In fact, you may find that many long term smokers also end up as denture wearers. Is it worth it?

Oral cancer problems: If you smoke then you need to be aware that you can develop serious oral cancer. There are early warning signs that you should be aware of. First of all, you should look for swelling or lumps that are hard to heal. This could be in your mouth or in the neck. If you find lumps like this, you need to make an appointment with your doctor right away. You can also look for red or white patches in your mouth. These may show up on your tongue or on the inside of your cheeks. This could indicate oral cancer and should not be ignored. In addition, if you feel like you have a persistent sore throat or start losing teeth for no reason, then you need to pay attention. Do not let this get out of hand. Other warning signs of oral cancer include bleeding that will not stop and numbness in the mouth or tongue.

Early detection is the key when it comes to oral cancer. Don’t get fooled into thinking that bad breath is the only problem you can get with smoking. It can be much more serious. If you see any of these signs, then you should see your doctor right away.