Beware the Sodium Phosphate Colon Cleanse!

Whenever a physician may prescribe a colonoscopy, you know that you will need to cleanse your colon so that the doctor will have an unobstructed view of your gastrointestinal tract. Many of the colon cleansers that were suggested to patients prior to these procedures contained sodium phosphate – usually monosodium phosphate also known as NaH2PO4 – because of its ability to act as a laxative that quickly cleans out the intestines. For this reason it is not surprising that soon the commercially available colon cleansing kits for use by those who wanted to detoxify their colons for health purposes and not just in preparation of tests were also containing that ingredient.

Yet in recent years it has become known that colon cleansers which contain sodium phosphate are actually posing some very serious health risks. Perhaps the most serious condemnation comes from physicians who have begun to associate the substance with kidney damage. Granted, it takes a certain susceptibility for this side effect to occur, but there is little gained in hoping that you do not fit the demographic profile associated with experiencing kidney problems. Consider the fact that you would not know whether or not your kidneys are already suffering from a lack of functionality; as a matter of fact, unless they were adversely impacted to such an extent that they are nearing an operating range of less than half their usual ability to filter out toxins, you might not even notice that anything is amiss at all. In addition to the foregoing, several natural detoxifying agents that were all the rage just a few short years ago have shown to actually aggravate the condition of impaired kidneys. If at this point in time you further aggravate a kidney that is already suffering from decreased function by introducing substances that carry a high risk for problem development, you know that the odds of your experiencing the side effect are indeed great.

At the root of the problem lies the fact that the phosphates which will make their ways through the kidneys as they are digested actually never leave them and instead remain in the kidneys and there turn into calcified remnants. The insidious effect will not become obvious until well after you complete your colon cleanse or maybe even after you have completed another one. Sadly the damage your kidneys experience is permanent and irreversible. The resulting consequence showcases a loss of functionality of the affected kidney, as it is expressed in a decrease in filtering ability and an increase in the amount of toxins that are permitted to invade your body.

Safe and viable alternatives are available to both patients who are ready to undergo a test for colon health and those private individuals who want to undergo a colon cleanse for the sake of their health. If you do not wish to research the natural organic cleansers, opt for the chemical cleansers that are deemed safe by the experts; they include cleansers which rely on polyethylene glycol or magnesium citrate as their main ingredient.