Breast Feeding – Advantages

There are lots of advantages to breast feeding your baby rather than feeding them formula milk, and besides the fact that it is a lot more convenient, there is also the matter of cost.

Formula milk can work out to be very expensive especially for a family who are living on limited means. Formula milk costs can often reach about $100 per month with this price rising even further as the baby grows.

Another advantage of your baby being breast fed rather than given formula is that breast fed babies on the whole tends to be healthier. This is because antibodies from the nursing mother are transferred through her milk to the baby. There is also some evidence to show that breast fed baby’s have a reduced incidence of gas (wind), tummy upsets, allergies, and ear and respiratory infections. Most medical experts tend to agree that breast feeding also helps the mother stay healthier.

Many mothers who have decided to feed their baby’s with formula argue that they felt tied to their baby and were unable to have as much freedom as they wished, however with the advent of breast pumps, many people feel this is not really a valid argument.

Preparing bottled milk can become a real chore. You have to ensure the bottles and teats etc are sterilized for a certain amount of time, you then have to measure the milk and ensure the prepared bottle is cooled to the correct temperature. If your baby is breast fed, the milk is literally on tap; it’s kept at the correct temperature in your breasts, and is not at risk of being contaminated.

Another advantage of a breast fed baby is night time feeds. Many nursing mothers learn to awaken only lightly during the night. This is because all they have to do is scoop their baby up into bed with them and out them to the breast. Baby is fed as soon as he awakens; this ensures he is kept contented and happy.

Breast milk is also god for the development of the baby’s brain. Breast milk contains fatty acids which are essential for the development of brain tissue.

Mothers who have managed to successfully breast feed their baby usually says they have loved the experience and would definitely repeat it. It’s an investment they have made to ensure a loving bond has been created between them and their baby.

Finally breast milk is exactly the right kind of food a baby should be having. One of the best things about breast feeding your baby is the contact you have to make with them so they can feed correctly. This ensures they have the contact they desperately need with their mother at this stage in their life.