Breast Feeding and Working

Long gone are the days when women left work to raise their children when they discovered they were pregnant. In today’s socio economic climate, it is usually a necessity that women return to the workplace once they have completed their maternity leave. The only problem is, breast feeding then becomes a luxury that many nursing mothers are not able to afford due to the problems associated with both working and breastfeeding.

Many firms are becoming increasingly conscious of the problems facing nursing mothers, and to be fair to them will provide the facilities needed for the working mother to express milk via a pump which ca then be fed to her baby. Unfortunately these types of employers are still too few on the ground, and the reality is that most nursing mothers have to admit to defeat and commence their baby on formula milk.

If you are lucky enough to be able to express your milk whilst at work, you will need to give careful thought to how you are going to do it successfully. Here are a few ideas you may want to consider when collecting the equipment needed for expressing your milk at work.

* A breast pump is obviously a necessity. Don’t stint on this as it is your most important piece of equipment. Make sure you buy an electrical pump that is recommended and you are confident in how it works.
* You will need a cooler bag to place the milk in once it’s been expressed.
* Lots of feeding bottles (and don’t forget the lids). You will obviously need to ensure they have been sterilised to ensure baby doesn’t get an upset tummy
* It’s a good idea to have a hand breast pump in case of any emergencies that arise.
* A marker pen for dating your feeding bottles
* And suitable clothing should be worn.

You may be a high profile business woman, or you may be working in a factory, It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your clothing is suitable for both work and pumping your breast milk. The last thing you need is to go into a meeting after expressing your milk with stains on your clothing, so ensure you are wearing a top that is buttoned down the front; it’s also a good idea to keep a napkin handy in case there are any spillages.

A good maternity bra is also essential piece of clothing. These open very conveniently at the front, and are ideal. (Don’t forget your breast pads in case of leakage).

Having to go back to work after having your baby doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up breast feeding. Often with a little thought and ingenuity, it can work out rather well.