Breastfeeding and your Sex Life

Many women (and men), often feel that when a new baby arrives on the scene they are going to have to forget having a sex life for a number of months if the wife is breast feeding her new baby.

Nothing can be further from the truth and though it can be difficult establishing that sense of intimacy you both require, it can be done if you both put some thought into it. It should also bring you both closer together.

It’s difficult for new parents when baby arrives, and that includes dad as well as mum especially if it’s a first baby as sometimes dad can feel he is now taking a back seat in his partners affections. He may feel slightly resentful because his partner’s breasts are now “off limits”, and she may be feeling exhausted after the strain of looking after baby and any other children there may be.

Many men find it difficult to appreciate how tired she may be feeling, whilst she may be not only feeling tired, but also unattractive. After all who wants to make love if they don’t feel their best!

Men have a part to play in the tending of a new baby. and encouraging his partner to breast feed their child whilst telling her how much he loves her and how proud of her he is, goes a long way to making her feel more desirable.

Tact and diplomacy is needed, and a realization that the “mechanics” of intimacy may need a helping hand. For a start, because she is breast feeding, the woman may experience some vaginal dryness which will make sex uncomfortable for her. If her partner realizes this and takes it into consideration by supplying a water based lubricant, it could mean she would be much more relaxed about making love as she realizes he is taking her feelings etc into account.

Just because the woman is breast feeding doesn’t mean she can’t have sex. If she finds it uncomfortable for her partner to touch her breasts because they are tender or full, it’s a good idea to ensure they have been emptied beforehand. Alternatively a pretty or sexy bra can be worn which will help to protect them.

If the woman does reach orgasm, she may find her milk sprays from her breasts at the crucial part. As this may be slightly off putting for both partners, it may be a good idea to feed baby before intimacy occurs.

If the woman truly finds lovemaking uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean there doesn’t have to be any contact between her and her partner. Stroking and caressing can be very arousing, and ensures he doesn’t feel neglected or second best.