Burnt By Your Colon Cleanse? Wonder What Made The Manufacturer Do It?

The universality of the Internet makes it the best place to find killer bargains but it also makes it the premier piece of real estate for hoaxes, quackery, snake oil salesman, and mountebanks. Herbal supplements in particular are quite possibly the favorite good to hawk by those who do not worry about the consumer but instead are ready, willing, and apparently quite able to line their pockets with your hard earned money. Colon cleansers in particular have the dubious distinction of being heavily marketed with the help of affiliates and thus the danger of getting burnt by this product is higher than it is with other supplements. Of course, the fact that the results of getting burned are much more readily visible most likely helped the supplements make the hall of shame since other dietary supplements that do not work as indicated may take years to catch.

Some manufacturers are simply ruthless. The company executives know that their herbal concoctions do not work but their selfish greed supersedes any concern for the consumer who may be suffering from very real health conditions that prompt them to purchase the colon cleanser. As a consumer you can protect yourself by finding out who owns the company or who runs it. By running an Internet search through public record agencies, you will be able to find out if the owners of the company from whom you are considering ordering your colon cleanser have already been in business elsewhere or are currently involved in other ventures as well.

If you are trying to forego the danger of affiliate marketers you may find yourself contacting any one of the several clinics devoted to colon health which advertise their very own blends of colon cleansers on the ‘Net. While this approach does provide a bit more safety due to the fact that the company is rarely a fly by night operation, the danger you will most likely encounter here is found in the very belief system of the owner. For example, if a religious fanatic runs the company, she or he will be convinced that the colon cleanse being sold through the clinic or organization is directly tied in to the mind of the universe’s creator, and therefore any criticism of the product is akin to heresy. You will find that the rhetoric involved when speaking of studies that question the effectiveness of the product is usually consistent with that of religious organizations that believe themselves persecuted. In the same way, you will find that when you express your dissatisfaction with the product you suddenly are no longer treated like a valued customer but instead like an opponent who is only too willing to take down a reputable company.

The reasons for manufacturers to make and sell colon cleanses that simply do not work are plentiful and it is up to the consumer to be very careful and do a lot of research before purchasing any herbal supplement via the ‘Net. Having an independent third party, such as a physician, take a look at the claims made by the manufacturer as well as read the label of the actual colon cleanse prior to your beginning the regimen is a good way of ensuring that you will get what you pay for.