Bush Aerobics

When one reads bush aerobics, one tends to think it must be some form of aerobics. One feels it must be something like punk rock aerobics. But surprisingly, it is not! The word bush here stands for President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States. Shocked, aren’t you? Did you get it now or are you still confused about what president bush got to be doing with aerobics? If you are still wondering, then this article must clear all doubts in your mind!

Bush and aerobics – what is it all about?

Well, bush aerobics is not a form of aerobics, if that is what you have been thinking ever since you read it. Bush aerobics is actually a flash game! Now if you are a bush fan, there is a chance that you will not like the idea of seeing your favorite president jump up and down doing aerobics on the click of a mouse. On the other hand if you are bush hater or a fun lover, the chances of your loving bush aerobics are extremely high!

Bush aerobics, the flash game makes use of a cartoon of our beloved president. While the games load up, one can see the cartoon jumping up and down as if doing warm up. Then once the game is loaded, you can see links on the screen like jump, jog, hips, stretch, buns, thighs and rotate. According to the link that you click on, the cartoon of president bush shall perform his aerobics. For instance, if you press thighs, then he shall perform a work for thighs. On pressing rotate, he shall rote. Further you also have the option of choosing latest songs and see him do aerobics on the song of your choice.

If you are a bush fan, bush aerobics make actually motivate you to take up aerobics, while imitating your favorite politician. Otherwise you could load just for fun or for seeing the president of America hop and jump in front of you. There are other such humorous, political flash clips available like ‘Blair-the motivator’, ‘dancing Hillary’ and ‘Kerry workout.’